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a board in the floor


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the floor of an automobile

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I know what you're talking about, stopping old floorboards showing through the carpet and underlay, I think 6mm plywood would be fine, however if you're worried it won't do the trick, just up it to 9mm.
WORTH A PACKET The empty cigarette boxes were under floorboards
However, original floorboards aren't always in good condition and may be rotten, or have been butchered over the years, which can make them hard to restore.
The bones were found during the replacement of rotting floorboards to allow the tomb to be moved out for restoration in Llanrwst, as the old beams would not have been able to hold its weight.
The male bear walked up the stairs of a porch at the home of Janet and Donald Kussart and tore through the floorboards and some insulation to get his treat, the Juneau Empire reported.
2013), the sawing patterns in the second set were adjusted to the production of sideboards and center boards of a single dimension, 32 by 130-mm nominal target width, which is an intermediate dimension of solid softwood floorboards.
Period floorboards often have modern boards mixed in where repairs have been done over the years, and painting them makes it easier to disguise the new ones than with stain or varnish, although there may be a difference in the wood grain.
A DIY-ER got the shock of his life when he pulled up a floorboard at his home and found an AK47 assault rifle stashed away.
If your floorboards are really black, you may not be able to finish this job in a long weekend, but otherwise it's perfectly possible, providing you put your back into it and use quick-drying floor varnish.
In that time, he can recall many a night spent gunning for strikes down slick floorboards.
Dinesen floorboards are produced to order for each individual room.
I was shown graphic evidence of the infestation problem with large holes eaten into the floorboards by the rodents," he said.
But the fungus attacking Midas' coffin and nearby floorboards had fed on the king's body.
Before you begin, replace any rotten floorboards - don't worry about marks as these won't be noticeable once you've sanded the boards.
The Witness, slightly smaller than a videotape, is a computer-driven box placed on any rigid surface in a vehicle, such as floorboards or the firewall between the engine and the passenger compartment.