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Synonyms for floorboard

a board in the floor


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the floor of an automobile

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Lifting and replacing these is trickier than the traditional floorboard.
AWOMAN who lost her gold signet ring when it slipped through a crack in the floorboards of a chapel finally got it back yesterday - 35 years later.
The set of standard sawing patterns was applied only to the 42 smaller logs, the top diameters of the 15 large logs being beyond the upper limit for these sawing patterns, whereas the set of floorboard sawing patterns was also used on the full sample, including the larger logs (see Fig.
It appears to have been under the floorboards for several years.
But the fungus attacking Midas' coffin and nearby floorboards had fed on the king's body.
She walked back across the noisy wooden floorboard.
Another child, Marisa Rose Trevino, 3, fell through a 13-inch gap in bleacher floorboards in Devine, Texas, last August and died.
PUSH & RIDE(TM) COUPE: This first ride-on car with removable floorboard and handle is the perfect grow-with-me toy for little drivers.
Check, identify and mark pipes and cables and fix a batten, called a noggin, between the joist and under the adjacent floorboard.
bar] If the floorboard isn't in good condition, this may not be possible, so work out where the joist is - this should be obvious from the row of nails - and drill new pilot holes through the board into the joist.
If the floorboard isn't in good condition, it may not be possible to lift it and screw it back down again.
Thus, Hudson (looking and sounding more like her mother in every film and, unfortunately, replicating Goldie Hawn's taste in choosing bad movies) is stranded in this haunted mansion, waiting for the last creaking floorboard to sound and the last spirit to say ``boo.
Children can use safety belts alone only when they can sit against the back of the vehicle's seat with their knees bent comfortably over the front edge of the seat and still touch the floorboard with their feet; the shoulder belt fits snugly across the chest; and the lap belt sits low and snug against the child's hips and upper thighs.
Though that floorboard fall has left me with the start of a shiner, a purple twisted knee and a claret-andblue upper forearm thrice its usual size.
Stripped pine flooring looks magnificent, is easy to keep clean and lasts a lifetime, apart from the odd hammering down of a floorboard.