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a preparation containing wax and used to polish and preserve the finish of floors

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Eco-House, based in New Brunswick, Canada, b manufactures a product for wood floors called #300 Carnauba Floor Wax.
My great-great grandfather started making wax products with a bathtub full of floor wax and with a commitment to innovation and a passion for opportunity.
THE counterfeit drug market alone is worth PS50billion a year worldwide but pills are often laced with rat poison, boric acid, lead paint, floor wax, mercury and even brick dust.
The other new report "Research on Decalin Market (Decahydronaphthalene) in China, 2012-2017" says Decalin is mainly used as a solvent for paints, for the extraction of fats and waxes; replace turpentine used for shoe polish and floor wax manufacturing; it can mixed with benzene and ethanol to be a fuel of the internal combustion engine, but also can be used as a refractive index determination liquid.
That's what they all were, all the Stepford wives," Eberhart tells herself: "actresses in commercials, pleased with detergents and floor wax, with cleansers, shampoos, and deodorants.
She applied to the Russian intellectual property and trademark agency in August, just over a month after returning to Russia from the US, to register her name as a trademark for eight lines of merchandise, from sandpaper and floor wax to clothing, watches, vodka and beer.
You can use liquid floor wax to restore a beautiful, polished finish to brick hearths and quarry-tile floors.
Theorizing that "Under the Same Moon" could be, in the words of the old "Saturday Night Live" parody ad, both a floor wax and a dessert topping, the studios released it simultaneously both in downscale theaters in Latino neighborhoods and in upscale cinemas for Anglos who like socially conscious foreign films with subtitles.
Among the 6,000 or so oil-hungry items: crayons, disposable diapers,golf balls, panty hose, house paint, tires, linoleum, soft contactlenses, transparent tape, mops, tents, hair curlers, electric blankets,mineral oil, awnings, ammonia, insecticides, antiseptics, car soundinsulation, car battery cases, ink, paraffin wax, VCR tapes, sunglasses,toilet seats, water pipes, insect repellent, credit cards, ice trays,candles, rubbing alcohol, vitamin capsules, upholstery, putty, permanentpress clothes, electrician's tape, floor wax, eyeglasses, cold cream,shaving cream, bandages, nail polish, hearing aids, petroleum jelly,aspirin, shaving cream, toothbrushes, luggage, yarn, guitar strings,false teeth, ballpoint pens, heart valves, balloons, umbrellas, perfume,and pillows.
Next, leave to dry then treat with a rich floor wax and a jolly good buff up.
During the 1950s-60s, floor wax was the heart of the company.
Stuff like antibacterial dishwashing liquid and germ-killing floor wax.
We opted for a wax finish and coloured the exposed boards with Ronseal diamond hard floor wax in a natural oak shade.
Sudan 1 is a red dye used for colouring shoe polish and floor wax.
In one case counterfeit pills were made of "a combination of floor wax and yellow lead-based paint normally used to mark roads.