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a series of acts at a night club

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To others--dancers, rock fans, cultural critics--the heavily theatrical floor shows were a kind of "tango for export," too cleaned-up and crafted to tap into the seedy love and knife-fighting from which tango had first evolved.
Those who prefer to remain in Manhattan can still visit a number of their favorite floor shows, many of which are hilariously transparent about their evasion of the law.
Keep in mind that the color of the flooring will also influence the frequency of cleaning; a light, solid-colored floor shows dirt accumulation faster than a dark, flecked pattern.
that now age-softened, avuncular quack-of-all-trades has returned for a curtain call as newcomers line up to pay tribute with the kind of nostalgia typical of Las Vegas floor shows.
They range from high-energy floor shows to high-seas pirate battles, from flickering lights to dancing fountains, from a volcano belching fake lava to a dragon burping real flame.
Boyish back-room rhythmic rivalries with political overtones have yielded to opulently escapist floor shows.
Videomaker Expo, a trade show devoted to video production, designed for all levels of expertise from beginner to professional, showcases the latest in technology and production techniques through seminars, panel discussions and floor shows, Jan.
The journal said additionally that studies of a microbe that lives in the superheated water of a volcanic vent on the ocean floor shows that the organism belongs to a third domain of life because its genetic structure is unlike that of bacteria or of plants and animals.