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a lamp that stands on the floor

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If her knees are the surface, you might be looking for a floor lamp that has multiple bulbs you can direct around.
Comprising of three options, a table lamp, floor lamp and ceiling pendant light, the collection retains the feeling of natural simplicity and make a perfect accompaniment for her updated Noah furniture range.
SAVE: Samantha Cameron bought the Arco floor lamp, pounds 250 This Helena ceiling pendant from Laura from Iconic Lights.
Above left: an Atom floor lamp sphere; above right: Rex Diamond light |
Metal arrow table lamp, PS95, BHS THIS LAMP IS A REALLY BRIGHT IDEA When these funky floor lamps first came on the scene almost a decade ago, they were out of most people's price range.
A recent revival in floor lamps has resulted in a great choice in these versatile items.
10 -- color) BRIGHT IDEA #1: Three-Arc Floor Lamp in Silver available at Target, $79.
The Balanced Spectrum[R] floor lamp combines the benefits of natural daylight indoors with a savings of $77 over the life of one bulb
The PBteen polka-dotted floor lamp adds sparkle with its sequined shade, and an adorable PBteen table lamp with colored glass base and beaded shade provide extra illumination from the top of the shelf.
If you're looking for something to make a statement, then there's the Guirlande floor lamp [3].
You can't buy it, but you should be able to find a Verilux Happy Eyes floor lamp (around $120), which uses a 27-watt linear CFL bulb (with an expected life of 5,000 hours) to equal the light output of a 100- to 125-watt incandescent bulb.
The Verilux HappyEyes floor lamp from TechnoScout, Colonial Heights, Va.
Elegant umbrella-ribbed pieces suspended from the lighting tracks suggested the building's domed ceiling; a librarian's desk and floor lamp sat at an angle in one corner, and a reading bench was placed nearby.
China's table and floor lamp suppliers are enhancing their production and export capability in an effort to maintain their competitiveness in a volatile business environment.