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a covering for a floor

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It features a review of concrete floor slab design and construction documents to ensure compatibility with specified floor covering and adhesive manufacturer requirements.
However, rebounds in new housing construction in both Australia and Japan and many countries in Western Europe will boost floor covering demand relative to that in recent years, the study said.
To choose your floor covering, call in at the South Road store and select from the extensive stock range.
Domotex Middle East will showcase an extensive lineup of innovations and new floor coverings in Istanbul this month to build on the success achieved at last year's event.
Floor Covering Stores Industry - Industry & Market Report, published annually , contains timely and accurate industry statistics, forecasts and demographics.
P P Marron makes it as easy as possible for you to choose your carpet or other floor covering.
Depot Floor Covering was born in Depot Square, where it resided for five years, before spending about 15 years on High Street.
This vinyl floor covering features a reinforcement of segmented woven or non woven glass fiber mat located on the underside of the vinyl floor covering or at or near the neutral axis of the vinyl floor covering.
Momentum of 18 per cent growth of Bahrain's property sector in 2008 to boost local carpets & floor coverings market
Moreover, the pigmented PUR system gives a consistent color through the thickness of the floor covering that will not show wear, while rubber mats develop visible worn spots.
After one last push, the instructors would call an end to all work and rate the apprentices' craftsmanship, choosing top performers in the four-year millwrighting, floor covering, interior systems and carpentry programs, and in the five-year cabinetmaking program.
The award winners were decided by a panel of luxury floor covering Guild showroom owners, Guild staff and CCA Global Partner's co-chief executive officer, Howard Brodsky.
Barry-based Peter Evans Flooring was recently commissioned to complete the floor covering requirements for three significant projects in South Wales.
Doesn't this floor covering keep dancers from slipping?
Nature and scope of performance: Flooring work gross floor area: - pvc floor covering = approx.