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the highest point of anything conceived of as growing or developing or unfolding


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the occurrence of incoming water (between a low tide and the following high tide)

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A performance fuelled by sheer strength of will and carried to conclusion on a floodtide of raw and moving emotion.
s discussion presents the various arguments set forth against French liturgist, Aime-Georges Martimort, whose Les diaconesses: Essai historique (1982) sought to dam the floodtide of factual analysis about women deacons after the reinstitution of the diaconate as a permanent state.
The Shippsification of this floodtide has limits that derive from its sources--sources that eclipse the mere excellence of Shipps's thought.
Yet the world grown Wrathfial, corrupt, once loosed a true floodtide That inched inside the wards where the frail are tied To their beds, invaded attics, climbed to disclose Sharks in the nurseries, eels on the floors, to close Over lives and cries and herds, and on that tide, Which splintered barn, cottage and city piece Meal, one sole family rode the world to peace.
And unlike such cities as Miami and Los Angeles, it has not recently attracted a floodtide of newer immigrants from Latin America and Asia.
It is important to note that when Wilhelm Ropke died on February 12, 1966, in his sixty-seventh year, at his home in Geneva, in the floodtide of his powers, full of honors, and with a veritable mountain of achievement behind him--his bibliography then comprised almost 900 works, including some thirty books--this calamitous event was noted on the front pages of virtually every major newspaper in Western Europe.
Carried along on a floodtide of great popular songs, most musicals, including Hollywood "talkies," remained insouciantly episodic until the development of the "book musical" in the 1940s.
Engineers Andrew Atkinson Humphreys and James Buchanan Eads battled each other, and the river, over whether continuous embankments of levees would direct its floodtide like a chute to the Gulf.
Diana, our Princess of Hearts, was swept to heaven on a floodtide of flowers.
Their governments quickly will find democracy to be too cumbersome for responding to disruptions in food supplies, water sources and human health -- as well as to a floodtide of environmental refugees from homelands that have become incapable of feeding and supporting them.
Noting the floodtide of rising immigrant and minority populations in California and across the nation, Cisneros in Los Angeles last month delivered an impassioned plea for developing a new civic discourse, creating a new social contract for an intensely multicultural 21st century America.
In June 1984, when Dalkon Shield litigation was reaching floodtide proportions, four ACS officials met to discuss the carrier's options.
The study, he said, found this floodtide of international trade moves between America's overseas trade partners, particularly China and the other Pacific Rim countries, and every state in the lower 48 via the Alameda Corridor, which opened in April 2002, the Alameda Corridor East and the OnTrac corridor.
Left-wing politics of the kind Tommy - and, to some extent, I - represent have missed that floodtide.
It all added up to such an emotional floodtide for Clarke this week that he must have been hitting every shot through a veil of tears, making his three comprehensive victories all the more impressive.