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a low plain adjacent to a river that is formed chiefly of river sediment and is subject to flooding


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To date, this study has collected approximately 8,000 soil samples on more than 500 properties in the floodplain.
Their project focuses on areas on river floodplains and areas at risk of flash floods, and excludes areas at risk of coastal flooding.
The proposed landfill is, as far as I can tell, right in the middle of a floodplain and a creek that is an immediate tributary of the Rio Grande," said George Altgelt, a Laredo city councilman.
Currently, Jain serves as a practice leader for HR Green's Water Resource practice, managing clients' water resource needs, projects and staff throughout 16 offices across 10 states as well as part of the American Society of Civil Engineers and the National Association of State Floodplain Managers.
KEY WORDS: agriculture management, pulsed ecosystem, flood pulse concept, paddy field, floodplain species, hydrological connectivity, Unio douglasiae nipponensis
Because land for construction is scarce, riverine floodplains are another area where development is growing.
As doing so would prohibit activities such as "habitat modification and degradation," the county needed to adopt policies and regulations that restricted development in floodplains.
The bench asked the Uttar Pradesh Irrigation Department that under what authority of law was the parking area allotted, does the parking area fall under floodplain area and has AOL exceeded the area permitted?
He was the design engineer for Milltown's channel and floodplain drawings.
1989) stated that in Romanian language the meadow term is broader than the floodplain because it includes the non-flooded areas.
floodplain, the low terrace and the middle terrace.
We are pleased to add Claudius and Jonathan to our list of Certified Floodplain Managers.
I developed a ratio between floodplain areas and non-floodplain areas that could be applied to the subject situation.
Although Bloor Homes and Merevale Estates state they are working on a revised floodplain model, I have spoken to many residents who all agree it does flood.
Research investigating the structure and functioning of biological communities on the Parana river floodplain all point to the river's hydrological regime and tributaries as the main factors influencing the region's ecological processes (THOMAZ et al.