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a low plain adjacent to a river that is formed chiefly of river sediment and is subject to flooding


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Dwarf Larkspur, Spring or Rock Larkspur; Floodplain woods east of central field; Common this site; C = 5; BSUH 17683.
The danger of such development cannot be underestimated as there is a mismatch between the inherent, high susceptibility of caravans to flood damage and the hazardousness of the floodplain environment.
The elevation of the inset floodplain was deternined based on the shear stress required to transport sand and cobbles on the streambed.
The combination of water level manipulation and channelization has drastically altered the historic hydrologic cycle, creating chaotic flood conditions that shorten or eliminate the summer growing season for floodplain plants.
The Till Project's first major scheme was on three farms in the Fenton Floodplains; a system of more than 22km of floodbanks that have restricted the natural floodplain of the River Till in this area of low-lying fertile farmland for the past 60 years.
Initial model outputs show that only 25 per cent of the Basin floodplain has been inundated to some extent in the past nine years,' says Ian Overton, of CSIRO Land and Water.
In the analysis, NOAA stated that the Bellingham Shipping Terminal is not a practical alternative because it is also in a floodplain and the bid "proposed an average annual lease amount significantly above the $2.
To assess the effects of HAZUS input parameters of study region size and threshold drainage area, this study focuses on three HAZUS flood modeling outputs--total floodplain area, total amount of flood debris, and total economic loss.
The council is urged to "recognise that the floodplain is the most important asset in managing flood risk" and to create "green corridors" in response to climate change.
Residents of NFIP communities are eligible to buy flood insurance from the federal government at premiums dictated by factors that include what kind of floodplain the structure is located on and how elevated the structure is.
It allowed construction of CWG, Akshardham Temple and other structures in the floodplain.
Sky Miller and Nick Legg will present at the upcoming Northwest Regional Floodplain Management Association (NORFMA) Conference in Post Falls, Idaho on Thursday, September 24.
Ali Shah published in 2010 following the floods highlighted the need to set up and implement a floodplain management plan as a tool for flood management, the removal of encroachments and the creation of wildlife sanctuaries to regulate and protect the environment of riverine areas.
2005) attributed the occurrence of advanced weathering products such as kaolinite and crystalline Fe and Al in recent parent materials of the River Niger floodplain (eastern Nigeria) to addition of intensive weathered material from the upland.