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Synonyms for floodlight

light that is a source of artificial illumination having a broad beam

illuminate with floodlights

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The decision to award the grant came after a controversial planning battle, with nearby homeowners unhappy at the prospect of floodlights on their street.
We have attempted to say, if you have floodlights and they're good enough for Test cricket, we should just bite the bullet.
The only significant issue there is that of floodlights but we would hope that wouldn't prove to be insurmountable.
Shabbir Iqbal, who won the All Pakistan Golf Tournament here a couple of weeks ago, had played night floodlights few years ago during his stay in Malaysia.
EarthBulb LED floodlights make an excellent replacement for standard incandescent bulbs.
He said: "The club would like to thank several people for the hard work and long hours they put in to ensure that the floodlights were ready.
If I walk to the other end I can see the floodlights from Rastrick High School.
However, all the floodlights will now have hoods fitted in order to control and contain the direction of the light, reducing spillage into the night sky by up to 50 per cent.
MARINE chairman Paul Leary says the future of the club is under threat unless new floodlights are bought.
The Indian Government had sanctioned a move to erect floodlights along the terrain separating India and Pakistan in the Gujarat sector in 2003 in order to prevent smuggling and arms trafficking, the report said.
Stauth of Frankly Lighting LLC used floodlights in two different locations.
ANGRY residents living near Edgbaston cricket ground claim new 160ft floodlights have caused house prices in the area to plummet.
Birmingham City Council should only support the expansion of Edgbaston cricket ground if retractable floodlights are installed, a city MP has claimed.
It is good we have been the first ground to use the floodlights and it is another milestone," said Glamorgan stadium director Simon Lee.
Both sides had agreed before the series started to use floodlights if they were available at grounds like Cardiff and play resumed for six overs at 6.