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Synonyms for floodlighted

illuminated by means of floodlights


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Indo-Bangladesh border will be floodlighted at an estimated cost of 2.
It's all for them, all of Iraq's resources, water, electricity, security," said Raid Kadhim Kareem, who has watched the buildings go up at a floodlighted site bristling with construction cranes from his post guarding an abandoned home on the other side of the Tigris River.
Problems occur in the areas that have no floodlighted fields, but they become more of a public relations issue than an economic one.
Here Peron held a famous floodlighted demonstration that ended with Evita waiving a pole holding an Argentine flag and a dirty workman's shirt, the symbol of the poor whom Evita championed.
Minutes later the Narcissus surged away, her running lights gleaming like jewels in the clear, starry night; and within the hour, after checking identification with the Navy picket boat that patrolled the restricted waters of Williwaw Island, she was gliding alongside the atomic power company's sentry-guarded, floodlighted wharf.