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Synonyms for floodlight

light that is a source of artificial illumination having a broad beam

illuminate with floodlights

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We have attempted to say, if you have floodlights and they're good enough for Test cricket, we should just bite the bullet.
This will be a golden opportunity for golfers to hone their skills in floodlights," he said.
Officials have so far erected floodlights along 286 miles (460 km) of Indian border with the Pakistani state of Punjab, the report said.
Two of the five floodlights included in the project, funded in part by a pounds 20 million loan from Birmingham City Council, were erected at the end of last month.
Permanent floodlights will totally change the skyline.
We were consulted by the ECB to determine whether we were able to use floodlights.
Both sides had agreed before the series started to use floodlights if they were available at grounds like Cardiff and play resumed for six overs at 6.
If a fault in a floodlight s its metal parts--and you touch it--Yoweeeee
Remove the cans from the heat of the sun or floodlight and place them in room temperature.
THE amazing friendship behind the Edgbaston floodlights row can be revealed by theSunday Mercury today.
Continuing on the movement towards an open software defined networking (SDN) architecture, the new plugin allows OpenStack users to create and manage virtual networks using both hypervisor-based and physical OpenFlow switches controlled by Floodlight.
Louisiana Tech University%s Plant Store is now accepting SEALED bids for GE Lighting Systems Ultra Sport Floodlight ULTS02MSAM02P.
Sparkbrook MP Roger Godsiff believes that if installed at the ground, five permanent floodlight towers would be an unnecessary blot on the city skyline.
I would hope the Conservative/Lib Dem-controlled council is going to insist that, before any finance is made available to WCCC, the club engages in meaningful and on-going discussions with community groups about how to minimise inconvenience caused by an increasing number of spectators attending functions and international matches and, most importantly, that the five floodlight pylons are retractable rather than permanent.
Michael Clarke and Trevor Hutt with the floodlight that kept families in Hill Top awake every night for a month.