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a technique used in behavior therapy

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At last, about nine o'clock, up she came in all her glory, flooding the wild country with light, and throwing a silver sheen on the expanse of rolling desert before us, which looked as solemn and quiet and as alien to man as the star-studded firmament above.
The stone fell, and daylight was visible, brilliant, radiant, flooding the cavern through the opening, and the blue sea appeared to the delighted Bretons.
Prince Andrew, leaning his arms on the raft railing, gazed silently at the flooding waters glittering in the setting sun.
PRESENTLY Ghek pushed aside a door that opened from the stairway, and before them Tara saw the moonlight flooding the walled court where the headless rykors lay beside their feeding-troughs.
But in a few minutes it could be heard flooding back, this time Wiwau panting with the weight of coral stone and Tiha, a-smart with what she had endured, trying more than to even the score.
Amidships she was wallowing first one rail under and then the other, flooding the waist more often than not.
He could see the wolves flooding into the big living-room of the fort.
The gold-seeking tide was flooding northward into Alaska, and it was inevitable that Hans Nelson and his wife should he caught up by the stream and swept toward the Klondike.
You were driving to Ergushovo," said Levin, feeling as if he would sob with the rapture that was flooding his heart.
By morning it will be swirling down the street in the lower parts, flooding the basements and cellars.
Most countries that face the threat of flooding are bound to adopt a unique flood control model suitable for local niche requirements.
know, the Raritan River is prone to flooding after a heavy rain.
FLOOD defence spending must rise to PS1bn a year over the next decade to cope with the rising threat of flooding, insurers and campaigners have urged.
Community work against flooding RESILIENCE in the context of our flood risk is best seen as a local community matter, served by wider stakeholders in flood resilience.
The Flood Awareness Wales programme is part of Natural Resources Wales s flood risk management strategy which works with communities across Wales to raise awareness of their local flood risk and help people to prepare for flooding.