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a technique used in behavior therapy

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In 1998, an unusually wet spring led to severe flooding, with thousands of homes across the county affected.
They will help businesses and residents to understand their risk of flooding and ensuring those in floodrisk areas are signed up to receive free flood warnings.
A: People in areas at risk of flooding who own and live in their homes - depending on how much they pay for flood cover.
Professor Mark Macklin, an expert in river flooding and climate change impacts at Aberystwyth University, says analysis shows 21st century floods are not unprecedented in terms of either their frequency or magnitude.
Related: Global cost of flooding could exceed $500B by 2030
Despite planning rules, some 20,000 new properties are being built on the floodplain each year, including 4,000 in places where there is significant risk of flooding, the ABI warned as it called for a "zero tolerance" approach to the problem.
In terms of flood prevention the current work on coastal defences from Towyn through Sandy Cove to Kinmel Bay is welcome here particularly following events of Dec 5 2012 and January this year and we gratefully turn to the work of our emergency services in response to flooding.
Due to changes in weather patterns, the RICS claims the region could face an increasing number of floods in the future, with properties not previously at risk of flooding potentially becoming vulnerable.
The increase has been driven by a rise in both the frequency and severity of flooding in the UK, as well as the growing problem of surface water.
Environment Agency chief executive Paul Leinster said: "Climate change will mean that the number of people at high risk of flooding could rise from 1.
In Insurance: A flood is defined as a temporary condition of partial or complete inundation of normally dry land areas from overflow of inland or tidal waters; the unusual and rapid accumulation or run off of surface water from any source; or a mudslide caused by flooding.
The EU member states will from now on be obliged to identify the river basins and coastal zones in their territory exposed to flooding and to draw up flood risk maps for the zones concerned.
People living in homes at high risk of flooding are "living in denial" of the dangers, an Environment Agency chief warned today.
In addition to including a less restrictive "flood" definition, these new policies can provide coverage for mudflows caused by heavy rain and flooding, replacement costs, additional living expenses and refinished basements.
Protecting a property against flooding can be as simple as using sandbags as a shield or purchasing flood insurance.