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Synonyms for floodgate

something that restrains a flood or outpouring

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regulator consisting of a valve or gate that controls the rate of water flow through a sluice

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She grew up in Fazeley Street, between Floodgate Street and River Street, and went to Floodgate Street School, which was for her the best school in Brum.
The project also called for the installation of 25 floodgates (located at entrances and drives), submarine doors, and a series of valves and lift stations to isolate the sanitary and storm systems.
Like the first expansion-phase floodgate installed on Dec.
EWEB is keeping the only remaining floodgate open, which reduces the water level of Leaburg Reservoir, the water flow through the dam, and the amount of water the Department of Fish and Wildlife needs for both its Mc Kenzie and Leaburg hatcheries below the dam.
This amendment would have opened up the outsourcing floodgate at DoD, costing even more civilian jobs that have been subjected to arbitrary cuts for years," Cox said.
Floodgate Defender enforces the policies, blocking attacks before a connection can be established with the target device.
Officials informed the residents about the lifting of the huge shutters of the Morganza spillway and even a house-to-house campaign was conducted to make sure residents knew about the timing of the opening of the floodgate.
Following the tender offer, IHI will start negotiations to acquire Kurimoto's bridge and floodgate construction operations and its equity stake in Kurimoto Bridge Co.
It could open a floodgate of claims against other authorities adopting the same stance as South Tyneside.
The Tokyo head office of the Japan Association of Dam & Weir Equipment Engineering, a floodgate makers' trade group, was also searched.
The SMS is transmitted to Floodgate, which does a lookup in its database and routes the message to the supplier's "personalized and secure Web page".
Furthermore, in some backswamp environments, tidal waters may not have sufficient neutralising agents to warrant floodgate modifications and other remediation methods may be more cost-effective.
It was this latter body that commissioned the celebrated architects Martin and Chamberlain to design the Floodgate Street Board School.
The utility said the dam could handle increased flows during a storm slightly more severe than the one that hit the area last weekend with just one working floodgate.