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covered with water

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If you do not live in a flood zone but your home was flooded, you do not have to maintain flood insurance.
We were flooded in the Towyn floods of 1990 and our daughter's family home was flooded in St Asaph 2012: now as recent chief flood warden for Kinmel Bay and working with partners in NRW, Town and County Council, emergency services and others we are trying to assist community flood resilience.
Although for most of these properties the chance of being flooded in any one year remains small, for hundreds of thousands of properties, especially those which have been flooded in recent years, the potential risk is much more significant for repeated flooding.
While the chances for most of these properties of being flooded in any one year remains small, the damage and disruption caused if a flood occurs is very serious.
The risks and impacts of flooding can be reduced through schemes like Flood Plan UK, as well as by preventing inappropriate housing development in the flood plain and ensuring that properties, when flooded, are rebuilt to resilient standards.
In the past year, I made an effort to talk to water-damage restoration contractors, property claim adjusters, and IICRC teachers about flooded buildings.
For example, NFIP flood coverage only responds when at least two acres or two adjacent properties are flooded.
Most people do the prevention after they've been flooded.
A layer of mud and debris coated city streets but most flooded roads had been reopened by Monday.
If you do not have flood insurance and your home is flooded, you may qualify for a low-interest disaster loan.
Team members must transform these elements into a story, which they present through icons on a map of flooded Buenos Aires.
In 1996, San Marco was flooded by high water on more than 80 occasions.
Flood defences protected many properties but disruption was caused to transport as roads and railways flooded.