flood plain

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a low plain adjacent to a river that is formed chiefly of river sediment and is subject to flooding


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Severe storms, flaws in the town's flood defences and houses built on Wansbeck's flood plain were possible causes of the 1963 flood which damaged 500 homes and devastated the region, while a record peak water level of 3.
Review potential for converting pond into a flood plain, improve riparian understory vegetation.
What we need to do is if someone is proposing to build in a flood plain they should be making what they are developing much more resilient against flooding.
Previous research have demonstrated that the scour hole pattern in an unprotected channel and flood plain being obstructed by either a vertical-wall or spill-through abutment normal to the flow occurs at the upstream corner of the abutment.
In subsequent years a $15 mortgage transaction fee would be the source of funding for flood plain map modernization.
Opponents claim that the dam would destroy 40 miles of river canyon visited by half a million people a year, that the existing city can be protected through cheaper alternatives, and that the purpose of the dam is to let real estate developers build fearlessly on a large flood plain.
In return, those with property in the flood plain are eligible for flood insurance -- something not available to everyone.
The reforestation project along the Mississippi River flood plain has potential buyers and seller along the whole drainage.
In 1985, a zoning bylaw was amended to establish areas within the flood plain as an overlay conservancy district.
Reportedly, no insurance company would underwrite the business because the plant sits on 22 acres of flood plain.
Because all are within the flood plain, all are candidates for the FloodSmart structure elevation process.
Now that I live in a New York flood plain, shouldn't I get a break for building a dike around my house?
Continuing to build in the flood plain will leave a legacy of rising costs of protection and flood damage in the face of climate change," it said.
They had made a mistake, the area was no longer a C2 flood plain and they withdrew their objections.