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a flat mass of ice (smaller than an ice field) floating at sea


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26, 2015 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ --Vancouver born actor Ryan Reynolds lent his voice to the wildlife documentary Huntwatch that follows the 50 year battle for baby seals on the ice floes of Canada.
It features what he considers one of the crowning glories of his career, capturing a pod of killer whales targeting sleeping Weddell seals on Antarctic ice floes before making waves to wash them off and hunt them down in the water.
30 ha drainage of flood waters, sryzu and ice floes, in the municipality of slubice - odra river miles 571,0-575,3.
Researchers have observed mainly thin, first-year ice floes, which are extensively covered with melt ponds in the summer months where once metre-thick, multi-year ice used to float.
Ice fishermen routinely get stranded on ice floes in Russia, especially in the spring as the temperatures rise.
WHALES are blazing a trail through the melting ice floes of the Northwest Passage.
Polar bears are used to swimming the distances between ice floes in their hunt for seals.
EVERY spring, thousands of baby harp seals are brutally killed in a 90-day bloodbath on the ice floes off Canada's east coast, encouraged by the Canadian government.
Wildlife photographer Steven John Kazlowski's stunning images show how the bears are desperately clinging on as global warming destroys the ice floes of their Arctic habitat.
Then Shank spotted Puma's blinking strobe light and a bit of its yellow "skin" in a tiny gap between ice floes, hugging Oden's hull on the portside bow.
Older floes are thicker and less saline than newly-formed ice, meaning they can survive warm spells better.
When the evil sea imp Santana casts a wicked spell on Captain McKenzie's ship, the Georgia K, it vanishes and the residents of Woody Point must find the missing vessel before ice floes crush it.
But far from taking it easy, the 39-year-old is due to fly out to compete in a gruelling marathon staged on shifting Arctic ice floes at the North Pole.