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a flat mass of ice (smaller than an ice field) floating at sea


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To that end, FLOE purchased what's believed to be the world's largest three-station rotary vacuum former.
Floe said, "TVM Capital has a unique mix of capabilities and several companies that as a group focus on investing in and building world-class healthcare businesses in the MENA region and India together with their international clinical partners.
Around 180 people, mostly fishermen, were rescued from a floe off the town of Vakarbulli, while another 43 people were taken off the ice near the seaside resort of Jurmala.
The emergency services said they received a report at midday that an ice floe was drifting into the Sea of Okhotsk with hundreds of fishermen on it.
According to FLOE, one person can position, level, or move the stand to another location.
So Penguin sets sail on an ice floe in search of sun and adventure.
A January blizzard blows their home floe back over the Antarctic Circle--farther north than they have been in a year.
More than 130 fisherman stranded for up to four hours on a miles-wide ice floe that broke away from Lake Erie's shoreline were plucked to safety.
But suppose Nanook is in his shack on an ice floe drifting off the Siberian coast and observes a full Moon just after midnight on February 1st, local Siberian time.
It kept reminding me of those frames you see in silent movies where the heroine or hero, as the case may be, is jumping from one ice floe to the next as the river madly rushes on.
ARCTIC: Twenty Russian scientists have been rescued from their camp on an ice floe in the Arctic that was melting faster than expected, a spokesman for the expedition said yesterday.
Then Japan's National Institute of Advanced Science and Technology geochemist Ko-ichi Nakamura saw Puma's nose peeking out from under an ice floe.
After a while, he jumped from the ice floe to a snowbank and began to walk home.