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a small loosely aggregated mass of flocculent material suspended in or precipitated from a liquid


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Earlier research suggested that this spacing effect is the product of the transfer of the memory trace from the flocculus, a cerebellar cortex region that connects to motor nuclei involved in eye movement, to another brain region known as the vestibular nuclei.
To verify this idea, the team administered local anesthetic to the flocculus and studied its effect on learning.
The idea that the cerebellum functions as a regulator of the vestibular system is supported by the observation that lesions of the cerebellar flocculus inhibit adjustments to the gain of the vestibuloocular reflex.
We watch humans snack on green neut glands called "flocculi," and Ohle gives us such satirically suggestive lines as "My flocculus, it's fruiting.
The evidence for cerebellar damage is supported by two experimental findings: (1) the increase in the postsynaptic potentials produced by gamma aminobutyric acid in the vestibulooculomotor system and (2) the increase in the rate of Purkinje's cell discharge at the cerebellar flocculus.