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having a fluffy character or appearance


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The elapsed time to clear the process water with the dry flocculent is under five minutes.
Although wind-swept lakes can develop a false bottom due to erosion by waves (Welch 1938b), flocculent sediments rarely accumulate around the margins.
The barrier for the producer was that its existing silica-based program--using an anionic flocculent, borosilicate, and alum--could not provide consistent ash retention beyond 22% sheet ash.
The downstream section was 50 to 60 m wide, straight, and substratum consisted of flocculent mud, 20 to 100 cm deep.
Some days later it was useable, after dosing for/with flocculent ph, chlorine, and a fair dose of wet vacuuming to remove sediment.
The emulsion breaking step of the CD Pre-T uses forced flotation with a flocculent.
54 ml/g SS) of acclimatization indicates the gradual compaction of flocculent sludge into more compact granular sludge which in turn leads to increase in settling velocity and decrease in SVI of granules (Figure 6).
At too large a molecular weight, however, the dispersant may become a flocculent by virtue of it interacting with several particles simultaneously.
The surface layer remained their original shape, and the inside extrudate was dissolved into the solvent and formed some kind of flocculent morphology.
Most whales actually deposit waste that floats at the surface of the ocean, "very liquidy, a flocculent plume," said University of Vermont whale biologist, Joe Roman.
Commodities along this trade route include the import of raw materials such as ammonium nitrate and flocculent used in mining activities on the Copperbelt and the north western province in Zambia.
I have always seen the "crystals" of the photospheric atmosphere entangled (enchevetres) in a thousand ways, and connected among themselves by one or many points in their peripheries; I have always observed these photospheric clouds affecting forms reminding one of the flocculent mass in an incandescent metal, in suspension in a liquid .
Measures thickness of flocculent and accurate determination of the "natural seafloor" as required under the guidelines of the D.