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Coagulation is a mechanism in which any dissolved or soluble material destabilizes and start to aggregate in a solution, whereby flocculation refers to as the process in which these insoluble particle come close together and aggregate forming, even larger insoluble particles the agglomerates (Leiknes, 2009).
Therefore, it is believed that the combination of the above techniques, specifically electro flocculation and the addition of Moringa oleifera Lam as natural coagulant, may demonstrate an efficiency of the treatment system higher than the use of these technologies employed alone.
Wastewater treatment was done in three phases such as coagulation, flocculation and oxidation using high porosity permeable membrane as shown in Fig.
With the magnetic induction intensity of external magnetic field increasing, the linear extent of flocculation grows obviously by developing from dimers or triplets into concatemers with the occurrence of branched chains.
Poor colorant compatibility may become apparent either through the slow development of color or loss of color through flocculation of either the white pigment in the base paint or the colorant pigments.
The concept of amphoteric sludge flocculants has been brought up after further understanding of sludge flocculation [4, 13, 14].
Current assay characterizes 42 autochthonous yeasts isolated from grapes grown in the state of Parana, Brazil, with regard to hydrogen sulfide production, fermentation rate, flocculation and killer phenotype.
Flocculation was carried out with a modified version of the method by Brown et al.
The third is a good dispersion state observed at moderate thickener levels in which no flocculation is present.
1996), and flocculation of suspended sediment in streams and storm-water ponds (Mason et al.
Current treatments involve highly engineered types of polymers and chemicals to promote flocculation and modify rheology for the specific slurry being processed.
The SET plant is spread over 25 acres doing flocculation, equalization, surface aeration, clarification, ultra filtration and reverse osmosis to yield colorless water with a COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand) and TDS (Total Dissolvable Solids) of less than 75 ppm.
Treatment of vinasse by using electro-dissolution and chemical flocculation
Online TOC monitoring can provide plant operators a dynamic, real-time view of NOM levels in water to adjust and control the coagulation, flocculation and disinfection steps to minimize formation of disinfection byproducts.