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form into an aggregated lumpy or fluffy mass

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cause to become a fluffy or lumpy aggregate

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After the cement ash was mixed with water, the flocculated structure of cement slurry would be produced because of van der Waals force among cement particles.
Note that the pigment is flocculated at all but the very lowest thickener concentrations, and that the dispersant had little effect on the dispersion state.
Unified Model of Sedimentation, Centrifugation and Filtration of Flocculated Suspensions," Int.
They reported that a dispersed suspension of Na-Sawyers 1 soil was completely flocculated, as indicated by a clear supernatant after 24 h standing, at a concentration of 3 x [10.
Note that the latex was depletion flocculated at all but the very lowest thickener concentrations, and that SDS had no effect on the dispersion.
The large volume of suspended clay was flocculated by adding solid NaCl to bring the concentration to 1 M.
Although I have never been able to prove the connection, over the years I have seen a number of cases where paint with flocculated pigment or seeds showed solvent popping, but a better dispersed batch did not.
Unfortunately, microscopy does not work well for highly concentrated pigment pastes because the pigment is so jammed together that you cannot tell whether it is flocculated or not.
At this loading, this particular graphite type was probably flocculated into large-scale aggregates and thus may not diffuse within the swollen polymer network.
Is the pigment in the off-color paint flocculated or only partially dispersed?
Seeds often are due to a problem within the paint itself such as undispersed or flocculated pigment, particles of gelled resin, resin/pigment agglomerates precipitated by solvent shock, or the products of chemical reactions between paint components or impurities and reactive pigments such as zinc oxide.
After selectively dissolving of the matrix PC, not only un-flocculated TLCP fibrils were collected, but also the flocculated TLCP fibrils were collected as a mat floating on the top of the extraction solution (Fig.
Pigment flocculation contributes to cell formation and floating because it encourages separation of pigments that are not flocculated.
quaternary ammonium salt is added to a purified montmorillonite slurry, the flocculated product is removed by filtration, dried and milled.