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form into an aggregated lumpy or fluffy mass

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cause to become a fluffy or lumpy aggregate

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The re-suspension of the flocculated microalgae was initially triggered by manual stirring; this was then followed by aeration stirring.
Long-Time Relaxation of Suspensions Flocculated by Associating Polymers," Langmuir, 18, 1968-1973 (2002).
In all cases, the dewatering efficiency is directly proportional to the incoming particle size distribution, particle population, shear, polymer type, polymer dosage, and the flocculated particle strength, porosity, and aggregate size.
When using ethanol, the SWNT mixtures flocculated and no separation of the nondispersed fraction was performed.
In order to remove solids from swine wastewater, which are responsible for the oxygen requirement in further treatment processes, the wastewater was flocculated with polymer.
The more turbid solutions of bentonite, which flocculated more easily than the other clays, required less salt (1,000 mg/L) to achieve the same; the greater proximity of the clay particles to one another makes flocculation easier.
If the system is flocculated, then the number of particles around a central particle will vary widely, depending on whether the central particle is in a floe (many close neighbors) or isolated between floes (a few close neighbors).
Influence of surfactants on filter cake parameters during vacuum filtration of flocculated iron ore sludge.
In this stage, if the flocculated is strained, floccules will curdle.
Ulrick & Short has utilised the new flocculation technology to increase the dispersion levels of drum dried starches and create its first flocculated starch Synergie Nimbus, a clean label maize based starch, which food producers can declare as cornflour.
This metal waste is then flocculated by MetalTreat 957 This three-step process produces a solid waste cake that can be easily removed from the bath.
The origin of this unit is linked to the deposition of predominantly clayey sediments flocculated as a consequence of a saline water-freshwater interface, under low-energy and shallow water estuarine conditions.
Upon completion of the "up time" (weeks or months) the solution is flocculated and passed through the centrifuge a final time prior to discharging to drain, ensuring maximum cleanliness of the effluent.
The samples were calcium carbonate flocculated within 2 weeks, typically within a few days, after collection (8).