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form into an aggregated lumpy or fluffy mass

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cause to become a fluffy or lumpy aggregate

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1b), indicating that kaolinite was easier than montmorillonite to flocculate.
Wild yeast does not flocculate, but modern strains have developed this important ability.
SYSTEM FLOC-360 [R] is used to flocculate clays and shales encountered in drilling operations and facilitate disposal of water-based drilling fluids.
Flash mixture tank where the effluent is quickly mixed with alum to get better coagulation and clariflocculator, where it is mixed with polyelectrolyte to flocculate and settle the suspended particles.
The tests indicate that slurries of Lake Chandler flocculate and settle well in a CCD circuit with commercially available flocculants thereby allowing removal of the soluble salts with a reasonable water consumption.
According to a report by the Department of Science and Technology (DOST), the clay particles flocculate or bind the suspended organisms together in the water and settle them on the seabed where they become inactive.
The process was equally be interested for medical practitioners in case of rapid diagnosis and in case of engineers these may lead to the understanding for developing antiadherent antibacterial agents, which may protect bacteria to adhere to the solid matrix to protect corrosions and damaging industrial pipelines, [11], or to develop hybrid polymer matrix, which will attract microbes of waste water to flocculate, vis-a vis.
9 quantile shows a marked increase at the highest pH values, but it is possibly because the highest pH soils tend to be saline too and therefore the clay fraction tends to flocculate.
The small, flat shape and charge properties of clay particles cause the individual particles to flocculate together into small stacks or clumps.
Many retention aids increase the tendency of fibers to flocculate, which can cause uneven sheet formation.
A visible flocculate creates conductive paths through the SMC part.
Power Engineering Company (Salt Lake City, UT) has patented a process for precipitating and removing suspended fat and protein components and other suspended solids from a given solution accomplished by the addition of an aluminate to complex with the fat and protein components and the addition of a flocculating agent to flocculate the aluminate/fat and protein component complexes into insoluble particles capable of removal by conventional technology, which insoluble particles can be rendered to produce tallow.
Unfortunately, there's no easy test to determine how quickly yeast cells will clump, or flocculate, in a batch of beer.
A Japanese flocculate about saving a princess from an evil scorpion, told with life- size puppets.