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(of plants) having tufts of soft woolly hairs

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Fruiting bodies: Apothecia, sessile or with a rudimentary stipe, 1-8 cm broad, cup-shaped; inner (upper or hymenial) surface bright scarlet, outer (lower) surface white and floccose with matted hairs; margin generally inrolled.
In most cases, the central area is convex-shaped and accumulated and floccose and in some others the central areas are depressed.
Seedling shoots are obtusely angled, floccose (appear cottony) and tomentose (having very fine hairs on the surface) when young (Zheng & Raven, 1996).
Inflorescence conical, 25 x 12 cm, 3-pinnately compound; primary bracts, the lowest like the upper scape bracts, much exceeding to equaling the branches; the upper much reduced; rose to red; primary branches with a 12 cm long, slender, white floccose peduncle, spreading at ca 90[degrees] from the main axis; secondary branches 2 to 5flowered with the rachis more or less straight, terete, white floccose; floral bracts minute, narrowly triangular to setaceous 13 mm long, white floccose.
Leaves alternate; subsessile; blades elliptic to ovate, threeveined, margin entire to minutely dentate, glabrescent to glabrous above, floccose to dense-arachnoid beneath.