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a small loosely aggregated mass of flocculent material suspended in or precipitated from a liquid


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Therefore the decrease of COD in leachate may be due to the formation of active sites on aluminum hydroxide complex with the active sites present on the surfaces of growing aluminum hydroxide flocs (coprecipitation) and undergo physical adsorption onto the gelatinous amorphous Al[(OH).
Feeding with microbial flocs by tilapia in minimal discharge bio-flocs technology ponds.
During flocculation, destabilized particles aggregate into larger flocs, which can then be removed by gravity sedimentation (Crittenden et al.
These three Pluronic surfactants are utilized to disperse SWNT in both water and ethanol to understand how flocs formed in ethanol impact the electrical properties of nano-composites fabricated from these mixtures.
uses cone-shaped sand filters to remove floc from water.
This type of coagulant aid, in addition to neutralize the positive charges in water, causes the formation of flocs more quickly and increases the rate of sedimentation by bridging and connecting the already-formed flocks so that with the network formed during sedimentation they take other tiny particles which couldn't form flocks inside them and make them sediment along with themselves (Koohestanian et al, 2008; Mahtaba et al, 2009).
This confirms that the higher mixing intensity is excessive and creates floc that does not easily settle.
The WHO has documented that numerous natural substances, in addition to tree bark, which are effective as flocs.
In answer to this trend come Pocketflops--from Floc Designs, Culver City, Calif.
To provide a solution, Headland Foods specified Mono's Compact C Range pump, which has been installed in a DAF (Dissolved Air Flotation) Plant to transfer a liquor of floc and water, a product of its effluent treatment plant.
Second place: Elena Brei, University of Toronto, "Adhesion Proteins in Microbial Floc Extracellular Polymeric Substances (EPS).
Ms Hancox said most of the stock was from a distinctive Spanish knitwear range called Floc.
In terms of shape stability, a mix with a high compressive stress requires more energy to break bonds, indicating a greater floc strength and higher shape stability.
Optimizing filtration processes through online floc particle characterization.