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a seaplane equipped with pontoons for landing or taking off from water

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And they disappeared instantly once we heard the deep, chugging roar of the floatplane clearing the mountains.
Seabird operated floatplanes from ystanbul to popular seaside vacation destinations such as Alacaty, Bozcaada, Ecanakkale, Gemlik, Ayvalyk as well as flights in between those destinations.
In some communities in Southeast Alaska, there are no runways, which is why Ketchikan-based Taquan Air maintains a fleet of eight DeHavilland Beaver floatplanes, says general manager Tory Korn.
NTSB experts investigating a floatplane crash that killed 10 people in Alaska face a scarcity of information NTSB official said, on Tuesday July 9, experts investigating a floatplane crash that killed 10 people in Alaska face a scarcity of information and will rely on skid marks and satellite signals to determine the cause.
Ten people were killed in Alaska when a floatplane crashed Ten people were killed in Alaska on Sunday July 7 when a floatplane crashed and burst into flames at an airport in the Alaska Kenai Peninsula town of Soldotna, officials said.
On the return trip, eager to be the first to report on the invasion, Cronkite hopped aboard a floatplane launched from his ship to get stateside ahead of a competitor aboard another returning ship.
Seattle's fortunes have been tied to aerospace since lumberman Bill Boeing built his first wooden floatplane on Lake Union in 1916.
After three hours they were collected by a motorboat and flown by floatplane back to the frontier town of Yellowknife 100 miles away.
Then, Saufley flew a Curtiss floatplane to 11,975 feet on December 3.
Seven ships were eventually sunk by the two morning strikes, and later in the day air-to-air encounters saw two German aircraft--a ]u 88 attack bomber and an He 115 floatplane bomber--shot down by Wildcats.
On 9 August 2010 a single-engine de Havilland turbine Otter floatplane, carrying a pilot and eight passengers from a private lodge on the shore of Lake Nerka to a remote fishing camp approximately 52 miles southeast, turned toward the east- northeast, away from the intended destination and crashed into mountainous terrain at about 14:42.
Once you've got your license you can get a twin engine rating, an instrument rating, a floatplane rating - all sorts of add-ons.
It was a cloudy September afternoon when we boarded the Single Otter floatplane bound for a remote island in Great Slave Lake.
A single floatplane drop-off can cost $2,000 or more.