floating-point operation

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an arithmetic operation performed on floating-point numbers

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15] floating-point operations per second) of sustained performance (10 petaflops peak performance) in a petabyte shared-memory environment that supports over a million concurrent hardware threads of execution.
A GFLOP is equal to a billion floating-point operations per second.
Ultra large-scale parallel computation system Built with 640 nodes (5,120 CPUs in total), each of which consists of eight vector processors (8GFLOPS/CPU, 64GFLOPS/node), achieves the peak performance of 40TFLOPS (40 trillion floating-point operations per second).
The computer has a peak speed of 90 teraFLOPS (90 trillion floating-point operations per second) and will reportedly be one of the most powerful systems run by the Department of Defence.
The Houston center has installed a 40-node RS/6000 SP, delivering more than 64 gigaflops (64 billion floating-point operations per second) and has plans to add an additional 16 nodes in the future.
Based upon a 6700-class digital signal processor from Texas Instruments, it is capable of 900 MFLOPS (million floating-point operations per second) performance at a Single Event Upset (SEU) rate of 1E-4 unrecoverable errors/day using only 5-7 Watts of power.
Parallel designs using the Floating-Point core modules can deliver up to 50 Giga Floating-Point Operations per Second (GFLOPS) and support the processing requirements in real-time imaging and signal processing applications, and compute-intensive routines typically used in clustered server and supercomputer architectures.
The new machines, which use PowerPC chips designed jointly by Apple, Motorola and IBM, are according to Apple the first personal computers in history to deliver supercomputer-level performance of over 1bn floating-point operations per second.
signed with Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) to provide the world's first petaflops-speed (1,000 trillion floating-point operations per second) supercomputer.
The ClearSpeed CSX600, the world's fastest and most power efficient 64-bit floating point processor, is an embedded parallel processor with 96 cores that executes up to 25 billion 64-bit floating-point operations per second (Flops) while averaging less than 10 Watts of energy.
At the heart of ClearSpeed's products lies the CSX600, an embedded parallel processor with 96 cores that executes up to 25 billion 64-bit floating-point operations per second (Flops) while consuming an average of 10 Watts of energy.
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