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a number represented in floating-point notation

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The display of floating-point numbers comprises two parts the significant (or mantissa) M and the exponent E.
The term ULP (for Unit in the Last Place) denotes the distance between two floating-point numbers.
x] = L - 1, then the floating-point number is either [+ or -] 0 or the denormalized number [+ or -]0.
A floating-point number can be converted to fixed point by shifting the binary point of the mantissa by the appropriate number of sign bits.
cI, cU: conversion from a 64-bit signed, respectively unsigned, hardware integer to a floating-point number
Irritatingly, the IEEE standard specifies a number of roundoff and truncation algorithms that may be employed when storing a floating-point number.
The TC1-FPU supports the IEEE-754 single-precision floating-point number format and all defined rounding modes.
4D-20 (for a floating-point number system with sufficient precision).
IEEE denormalized number (denormal)--A floating-point number with magnitude between zero and the smallest representable normalized number.
We also show how to produce the floating-point number closest to the exact result with relatively few additional operations.
This permits correct behavior in the pathological case where half of a floating-point number is loaded in one place, and the other half is loaded in some other basic block.
2) If a floating-point number is communicated between processors, the communication layer guarantees the exact transmittal of the floating-point value.
Types specify the format of data, such as alphanumeric characters, floating-point numbers or more complex data structures, such as Web pages and database queries.
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