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a number represented in floating-point notation

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The display of floating-point numbers comprises two parts the significant (or mantissa) M and the exponent E.
The term ULP (for Unit in the Last Place) denotes the distance between two floating-point numbers.
Consider a set of floating-point numbers F, for instance double precision floating numbers.
2007) in the same way we approach mathematical operations and calculations with floating-point numbers.
An interactive programming environment for doing formal computations on recursive types, including rational and multiprecision floating-point numbers, polynomials and truncated power series.
It also improves compatibility with OpenGL ES, adds new interpolation modes, includes new forms of explicit control over texturing operations, provides additional built-in functions for manipulating floating-point numbers and introduces switch statements for enhanced flow control within shader programs.
In standard microprocessors, integer and floating-point numbers are calculated using separate blocks on the chip.
SuperH plans to deliver "full fury" benchmarks for the SH-4 that will highlight the multimedia capabilities of the core including the 4-way vector FPU, which can process four single precision floating-point numbers in parallel.
Each one has an AltiVec vector processing unit, which revolutionizes the performance of computationally intensive applications, such as image and signal processing, by operating on up to four floating-point numbers or up to 16 integers with a single instruction.
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