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a voter who has no allegiance to any political party and whose unpredictable decisions can swing the outcome of an election one way or the other


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exactly how shallow and superficial are the country's floating voters feeling at the moment?
Ms Rantzen suggested that she might be able to tap into frustration among floating voters by running against Ms Moran.
So imagine the same floating voter pondering their decision and weighing up all the same factors with one difference.
That, if you like, was symptomatic of an approach where Gordon Brown and his colleagues in London seemed to be giving more attention to floating voters of Middle England than to the bedrock vote in the Valleys and industrial communities of Wales.
So they have to pursue a strategy of winning over the floating voter,'' he said.
I have always been a floating voter and it is my opinion that our present government is the worst we have ever had in my 80-odd years.
THE DISINTERESTED STOIC The floating voter is easily influenced A trendy vote with flow and ebb.
FLOATING VOTER (Purple) made from Cherry Sourz, Blue Bols and lemonade.
Retired carpenter Norman Wood, aged 65, from Himley Road, Gornal Wood, said: "I normally vote Labour but I think I'm more of a floating voter this year - I don't know what to do.
Summary: The General Election could be swung by a new type of floating voter - the "Focus Female", according to an AA/Populus poll.
The Tories - who once talked about Worcester Woman - have decided that this year's floating voter in the Midlands lives in a pebbledashed semi.
One passenger joked: "She's become the most important floating voter of the afternoon.
CLEGG'S GUTTED Lib Dem leader comes face to face with a former floating voter at Newlyn fish market in Cornwall
I told him it's the world's most famous floating voter.
I am not a diehard Labour man knocking the Tories, I am a floating voter who has voted Labour or Tory over many years.