floating mine

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an explosive mine designed to destroy ships that bump into it


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From this I wrongly assumed that his boat hit a floating mine, went down at sea and that there would be no place for me to visit and pay respects to him.
The truce talks had just begun, and somehow a floating mine (even though contrary to Geneva Convention rules) was more acceptable politically.
Rebels have deployed floating mines to attack the coalition's military ships that ferry off the Yemeni shores to disrupt arms shipments to Al Houthis.
17, 1945, the USS Gamble--a minelayer destroyer--arrived at Iwo Jima in the South Pacific to explode floating mines.
They also escorted more than 5,600 convoys and reported 17 floating mines, 36 bodies, 91 ships in distress and 363 survivors in the water.
It said the Iranian revolutionary guard supports and arms the Houthis in Yemen, providing them with developed missiles and other technologies, including floating mines, explosive boats which would not only threaten the stability and security of the region but also the freedom of navigation in the Red Sea.
At the outbreak of hostilities in August of 1914, German U-Boats were issued two MG-08 machine guns to detonate floating mines a safe distance from the submarine.
Equipped with a shaped charge protruding slightly from its nose, the SeaFox is capable of identifying and destroying tethered mines, ground mines, and floating mines.
Safety issues with the MH-60S also caused the cancellation of a helicopter-mounted 30mm gun that could neutralize near-surface and floating mines, the GAO report said.
However, free floating mines in international waters are illegal.
The exercise for destroying floating mines was carried out by the Navy's RH choppers in the Velayat 90 wargames general zone," Commander of the Air Units of the Iranian Navy Captain Alireza Nayeri told reporters.
But you don't get to 140, or whatever age Kinane admits to these days, without having antennae tuned finer than a bat's, and he was alive to every very possible scenario of pace change and the floating mines that the pricked balloons of the trailblazers would inevitably become.
It was a dangerous and highly-skilled operation in which marines stood on the bows of the landing craft and threw the hooks forward into the dark waters to drag out submerged and floating mines.