floating mine

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an explosive mine designed to destroy ships that bump into it


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From this I wrongly assumed that his boat hit a floating mine, went down at sea and that there would be no place for me to visit and pay respects to him.
I have no major fears, although I was a little worried to hear that the thawing of the snows in spring can sometimes result in floating mines.
The choice of routes was limited, leaving ships in danger from floating mines.
Lithuania -- During WW II, the Baltic Sea was saturated with as many as 85,000 floating mines.
ALMDS uses an aircraft-mounted LIDAR (light detection and ranging) sensor to detect floating mines and moored mines down to the keel depth of ships.
This system protects ships and their crews against an increased number of threats including standard and guided artillery; helicopters; floating mines and a variety of shore-launched, anti-ship missiles.
The contract calls for Century City-based Northrop to produce a Rapid Airborne Mine Clearance System that protects the Navy's fleet from near-surface and floating mines.
TISS is able to provide long-range, high-resolution detection and recognition of small targets such as floating mines, periscopes, surface boats, cruise missiles and swimmers.
Equipped with a shaped charge protruding slightly from its nose, the SeaFox is capable of identifying and destroying tethered mines, ground mines, and floating mines.
Safety issues with the MH-60S also caused the cancellation of a helicopter-mounted 30mm gun that could neutralize near-surface and floating mines, the GAO report said.
However, free floating mines in international waters are illegal.
These highly developed warships sport high-definition sonars and acoustic and magnetic sweeps, which are devised to search hazardous underwater and floating mines.
Ships traversing waters such at the straits of Hormuth have been known to encounter floating mines.