floating dry dock

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dry dock that can be submerged under a vessel and then raised

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Once completed, the floating dry dock conferred a near monopoly on repair and servicing of large ships in the port of Vancouver on the company.
1941), scrapbook, Arthur Charlton Burdick Collection, fonds 505, NVMA; William Dey to Austin Taylor, "Report on progress of construction of new Floating Dry Dock at North Van Ship Repairs," 2 Dec.
Even the floating dry dock was detached, put on the lifting vessel, and dispatched.
Swans' proposed method of working involves a floating dry dock used to tow ships into the yard before being sealed to prevent any potentially contaminated materials escaping.
Happily, two of them are devoted to excellent drawings of the techniques by which the damaged bow was removed, lift points attached to the hull, and the submarine drawn up into a specially prepared floating dry dock.
Shipyard facilities currently include a single, 10,000 long-ton (a long-ton equals 2,240 pounds) floating dry dock capable of lifting the largest state ferries at 418 feet in length, a combination 7,200 square-foot machine and outfit shop, and 800 feet of deep-water pier.
The remaining cranes, equipment and even the floating dry dock at the Swan Hunter shipyard will be gone forever by the weekend.
Building a 10,000 deadweight-ton floating dry dock, mooring system and electrical and mechanical tie-ins in Ketchikan for the state of Alaska.
Soon everything from the iconic cranes to the yard's 20,000-ton floating dry dock will be packed off to the Indian subcontinent.
has successfully launched a new floating dry dock at its shipyard facility located in Alvarado, Veracruz, Mexico.
Handrails have also been replaced and other structural repairs carried out before the full pontoon was delicately lowered back into place earlier this week using a floating dry dock.
ST Marine announced today that its US shipyard, VT Halter Marine is ready with its shiprepair offering with the arrival of a 12,000 MT Floating Dry Dock, transported by a heavy lift vessel from the Philippines.
Tonight a painstaking operation will swing into action to transfer the vessel from its floating dry dock to the river.
Exceeding 25,000 running hours, the Coatham is currently been worked upon by the PD Ports team at the Port s own facilities, which features a floating dry dock.
The new range of services were unveiled after Palm Marine Yacht Services recently completed the installation and commissioning of Sealift2, a unique rolling deck, floating dry dock platform at Dubai Maritime City.