floating dry dock

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dry dock that can be submerged under a vessel and then raised

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The new area includes ship workshops, as well as the floating dry dock that will transform the ADSB services to a new era of growth as it aspires to expand its commercial services.
Once completed, the floating dry dock conferred a near monopoly on repair and servicing of large ships in the port of Vancouver on the company.
While in the floating dry dock, Tokyo Rose came over our loudspeaker system.
Facilities: More than 7,000 feet of repair berths, 550,000 square feet of covered shops, 17 berth-side cranes with up to 120-long ton capacity, and three floating dry docks, including Dry Dock 4, the largest floating dry dock in the Americas.
Stroll out to the end for the best view of the floating dry dock recently installed at the end of Mission Rock Terminal, where you'll usually see a Navy ship laid up for repairs.
Indiana was moved out of a construction facility into a floating dry dock using a transfer car system.
Such agreement shall include a provision that the dock shall, after completion, be kept in repair and working order by the company; and keeping in repair and working order within the meaning of this Act shall include, in the case of a floating dry dock, painting and the employment of such other means to lessen and hinder corrosion of the submerged parts thereof as may be practicable.
A As for the construction of a floating dry dock in A'Duqum, the under secretary said that a study has been conducted by the company in this regard and its report has been forwarded to the government.
Even the floating dry dock was detached, put on the lifting vessel, and dispatched.
The Tyne icons, along with a floating crane, floating dry dock and other equipment, will be transported by a heavy lift ship to an Indian ship yard.
Happily, two of them are devoted to excellent drawings of the techniques by which the damaged bow was removed, lift points attached to the hull, and the submarine drawn up into a specially prepared floating dry dock.
Shipyard facilities currently include a single, 10,000 long-ton (a long-ton equals 2,240 pounds) floating dry dock capable of lifting the largest state ferries at 418 feet in length, a combination 7,200 square-foot machine and outfit shop, and 800 feet of deep-water pier.
Tenders are invited for Valuation of the floating dry dock and other infrastructure set up by m/s western india shipyard ltd wisl to carry out shiprepairs at berth no 1,2 and 3 of mormugao port trust
The remaining cranes, equipment and even the floating dry dock at the Swan Hunter shipyard will be gone forever by the weekend.
Swans' proposed method of working involves a floating dry dock used to tow ships into the yard before being sealed to prevent any potentially contaminated materials escaping.