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assets in the form of cash (or easily convertible into cash)

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87% of the assets were floating assets (40bln AMD).
The President was saddened to know that the Navy has only 31 floating assets in its inventory and all are World War II vintage.
Industry analysts say that in the liner trade there are several ways to keep floating assets on an even keel.
Since in most transactions, the percent of fixed and floating assets may vary over time, Standard & Poor's stresses cash flows assuming the minimum and maximum amount of fixed and floating assets.
48% over the same period of 2009; the floating assets turnover rate was 2.
Aside from the manpower deployment, authorities also put up fire trucks and Hazardous Materials Special response vehicles, patrol cars, patrol motorcycles, aluminum and rubber boats including steel hulled floating assets of the Philippine Coast Guard, Philippine Navy, Maritime Police, heavy trucks, personnel carriers and a fleet of utility vans for the mobility of men and personnel.
The floating assets of the Philippine Navy, meanwhile, were kept safe.
By the end of 2014, Perez eyes total deployment of the said floating assets.
and most efficient financing facility that allows replenishing the floating assets in conditions of payment delay.