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  • verb

Synonyms for flitter

to move (one's arms or wings, for example) up and down

to move quickly, lightly, and irregularly like a bird in flight

to move through the air with or as if with wings

Synonyms for flitter

move back and forth very rapidly

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Twenty beautiful "fairies" flittered down each aisle in advance of the bridal party to line the way.
Brighton grew in confidence as the Hammers flittered away chances and they stunned the crowd by snatching a 68 minute lead following a moment of madness by Tomas Repka.
Crammed into the Cellar with dozens of other inquisitives, I clapped rather nervously as a hefty middle-aged man in a frilly white tutu, tiara and pink tights flittered into the room.
My mind flittered from Paris to New York from Venice to Barcelona, and from Edinburgh to Hong Kong, but with the entire world to choose from, and after much thought, I have to confess that I named London.
On the heels of a loss in which they flittered away an 11-point lead, the Timberwolves flew back to Minnesota for Game 5 on Tuesday without sounding too frustrated.
She flittered and fluttered in her ice-blue, snowflake-patterned tutu and kokoshnik headdress, showing beautiful lines, accurate technique, and a natural sense of wonderment.
From the start, azure butterflies flittered around the group as it walked along, attracted, Mr.