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fish steak usually cut from a halibut

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salted and cured abdominal wall of a side of pork

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Recently, Amos-Hill Associates acquired a new veneer slicing system which uses a new technology, a vacuum table, to hold the flitches (half-logs) from which veneer is sliced from the log.
The remaining two hours of each vacuum table shift are spent loading the table with flitches, unloading the backer boards, and making knife repairs.
Buying flitches of your own veneer was a better way to stay consistent and do custom veneer layups.
Flitches were gathered directly after being sawn from logs, which enabled measurements for the pieces before further processing.
Heartwood percentage was not measured, but because the boards were sampled as side flitches off of a quad-band, they were from the outer portion or the tree, suggesting mostly sapwood.
The first step in processing the selected veneer is cutting the flitches to the proper size (and the subsequent splicing of the veneer sheets).
For the purposes of this study, a hardwood sawmill was defined as a mill in operation during 1999 that is primarily engaged in sawing rough lumber and timber from logs and bolts, or re-sawing cants and/or flitches into lumber.
The veneer flitches were clipped to 6-inch widths with the cathedral centered book matched and spliced.
Look over the flitches carefully and choose the ones that will be most cost effective.
When picking your flitches, check the samples carefully to avoid as much of this type of problem as you can.
The flitches were sawn so as to avoid any small amounts of compression wood that may have been visible in growth rings on the ends of the bolts.
Longitudinal methods cut logs into flitches and record grade data and features from each flitch.
Seeondary breakdown that converts cants into flitches is normally done by horizontal or vertical arbor saws, either double or single arbored (one or two sets of saws process the cant).
This is your opportunity to see premium logs first sawn into flitches and then rapidly sliced into veneer ranging from about 1/32 to 1/64 of an inch thick; it's a fascinating process that produces some of the most aesthetically pleasing and decorative veneers available.
Go through the flitches thoroughly; don't rely on samples.