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fish steak usually cut from a halibut

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salted and cured abdominal wall of a side of pork

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The entire flitch is moved against the stationary knife of the slicer to create the paper-thin slices of veneer.
The meat, or flitch, is won by the married couple who can prove they have not argued for a year and a day.
Terence Rigby, who plays the boss of Flitch Motors, is too big a name to be killed off early.
The show home, now nearing completion, due to open officially next Friday, November 15, is called Flitch Cottage after an interesting piece of local history.
Because there are numerous ways of edging and trimming a flitch, an optimal computer procedure was developed to aid in this searching process, including exhaustive search and dynamic programming.
To further ensure the quality of the product, each flitch of veneer is personally inspected by a member of Gunlocke prior to purchase, Hilfiker says.
The devotion of three couples was put to the test by Alcester's Court Leet in the town's first Flitch Trial for 20 years.
The EGAR system is designed to use the full width of each flitch sawn from a log by live sawing logs to produce the highest lumber volume yield, drying round-edge flitches, ripping to the widest possible usable width, edge gluing into panels 91 to 122 cm (36 to 48 in.
We have a flitch in stock that we've been retailing out for some time now, but we don't sell a ton of it.
THE Flitch Trial is said to come from a folk tale or a pagan practice which rewarded strong monogamous relationships.
His Honour Judge Harrison-Hall has agreed to preside over the court and John Madge and Pauline Franklin of Alcester and Redditch law firm Browning & Co will be respectively prosecuting and defending the flitch.
If you peel the flitch full rotary, you get nice big sheets of art white, which are graded out, then two-toned, so-called natural birch, and then all red heartwood or red birch.
The Flitch Trial, dating from the 12th century, is being revived at Alcester.
The locations of the laser lines were marked on the end of the flitch to assure proper alignment on the second face for grading purposes.