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Synonyms for flirty

given to flirting

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His messages have started to get flirty and he'll often comment if I'm wearing a new dress or have my hair done differently.
The anti-perspirants and deodorants are available in two new scents -- Flirty Flowers and Zensational Spring - and in a variety of formulations -- including a new and improved Invisible Solid, which provides better protection and won't leave a residue on skin or clothing.
Relocated to a plexiglass cell in Nathan's lab and dubbed Puff, the wild fellow is gradually civilized with the aid of an electroshock collar and Nathan's flirty, fake French assistant Gabrielle (Miranda Otto).
You're the flirty sign Gemini but from the fifth you're super-flirty, in fact you're so super-flirty you may need to design a costume, get your pants outside your tights and learn to fly.
Salma Shah, Sex and Relationship Coach, says that the combination of blonde hair and a flirty fringe is bound to have every man trembling at the knees.
Money aside, the flirty emails are also wrong and it is not OK for him to storm off.
The campaign's playful, flirty theme highlights Holmes' exuberance and vitality through a unique mix of imagery.
I wanted to find a way of making her a little more sensual and kind of flirty and life embracing.
Fun and pretty enough to compliment a flirty party dress.
PK) is pleased to announce the signing of a definitive letter of intent to acquire the franchising rights for the United States and worldwide infomercial rights for striptease aerobics and pole dancing rights from Flirty Girl Fitness a company incorporated in Ontario, Canada.
IT'S claimed Ronan Keating's marriage broke down after his wife found flirty text messages on a secret mobile phone.
ITV's new Flirty Something will deal with relationship problems.
You can send flirty text messages, have flirty conversations and even just give flirty looks.