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Synonyms for flirtatious

Synonyms for flirtatious

given to flirting

Synonyms for flirtatious

like a coquette


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This is the function of sexual misconduct as well in Pride and Prejudice, where Lydia's flirtatiousness is given not as the material cause but as the substance of her sexual fall.
This flirtatiousness came to the fore in y977 with the publication of Smart's first book of poems, A Bonus, which instigated what Smart would call her "resurrection" (quoted in Peterson).
A fellow agent described how she possessed "a unique blend of vivacity, flirtatiousness, charm and sheer personality.
The latter is often evident in "the pomp and posturings of virility" (Woods, 1993:168) displayed by men during which they, ironically enough, display the so-called vices associated with women, namely "shallowness, narcissism, flirtatiousness, immodesty, lack of critical distance and sentimentality" (Woods, 1993:168).
The personality trait that respondents of the study most associated with blue eyes was flirtatiousness with 22 per cent of respondents saying this, followed closely by sexiness (17 per cent).
One senses a flirtatiousness between artist and model, and Vera Hone as she peers out from underneath the blue hat which is both silly and sublime seems to be indulging Owen in his fantasy of her as a fisherman while at the same time mockingly asking, "Why have you posed me in this silly way?
Spending a week or so in the company of 'John's imbroglio', however, is sufficient to change his reading so radically that he ventures upon a proposal to Elizabeth, who in her newly chastened state can only fear that her shallow flirtatiousness must be to blame.
Lisa Cuddy, Edelstein gives as good as she gets, and if you don't discern a whiff of flirtatiousness between the two, you're not paying attention.
Others, however, found him engaging and friendly with a sharp mind and quick wit and a Southern-style flirtatiousness (he occasionally wore a Stetson hat to class) that charmed.
suppose there's an element of me in her flirtatiousness but I think I'd be a bit more subtle.
Caviezel is a handsome man and as Witt he smiles easily with relaxed warmth; unforced flirtatiousness colours their conversation about her baby and his appearance.
Whereas the mother and father are enthusiastic about reenacting the family's old days in front of the camera, their children gradually remember their pain and hatred for the father's violence and their mother's sexual flirtatiousness.
Compared with American cartoons, the miniskirts, bare bottoms and flirtatiousness on some anime can look a bit smutty.
Initially concerned by the flirtatiousness of her married daughters, Marianna still allows Giuseppa and Manina to be courted.
This "infatuation," suggests White, "probably caused him to understate the flirtatiousness and provocativeness in Dolben's religious attitudes" (p.