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in a flirtatious manner


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Someone finds a way into your heart and you want to hurry love, so you keep a light touch, a cheeky smile and you edge forwards flirtatiously.
Magda smiled at him flirtatiously and said in passable English, "I don't have anything with me now.
Isabella Thorpe cannot speak unless it is flirtatiously, and John Thorpe cannot be without being boorishly.
Then an excitable Nancy Dell'Ollio, 50, flirtatiously sat on the laps of Brendan Cole, 35, and Artem Chigvintsev, 29.
Her expression is one of calmness, even pleasure, as she gazes seductively and flirtatiously at the camera.
LET us imagine on this day, as the sun winks flirtatiously behind a congregation of clouds, that your spirits lack their usual fizz, the soul sags, the countenance is dark, your gums bleed, your teeth hang loose, toxins lap over your liver, your wart is in the midst of a growth spurt, your bunions ache, and the insurance company will not pay for the flood damage to your bathroom.
and young girls with silver glitter around their eyes chat flirtatiously with men three times their age.
After her repeated failure to make her mark in the Pakistani film scene, she took the bold step of dressing skimpily, behaving rather flirtatiously and taking on anything that would go against the fabric of being a decent woman.
Early in The Winter's Tale, when Hermione flirtatiously assures her husband of her devotion, she uses the word in the sense most pertinent to Richard's: "Yet, good deed, Leontes, / I love thee not a jar o' th' clock behind / What lady she her lord" (1.
It is hard to keep Zelda in sight for she flits flirtatiously and elusively from cluster to cluster.
As their intense wondering looks meet, he stirs her arm elegantly, and she responds flirtatiously by thrusting her right foot forward, as if ready for his challenge.
all you ladies got your hair did," Maxwell says flirtatiously, addressing the crowd of nearly 3,000 gathered to watch his sold-out show at the Horseshoe Hammond casino and hotel in Hammond, Indiana, the second date on his BLACKsummers'night tour.
Besides the "sexting" incidents, in which teenagers are charged with producing porn after flirtatiously emailing photos of themselves to each other, there are cases like the one involving 28-year-old Todd Senters, who videotaped himself having sex with his 17-year-old girlfriend.
Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, but genuine love never flatters, except flirtatiously.