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Synonyms for flirtatious

Synonyms for flirtatious

given to flirting

Synonyms for flirtatious

like a coquette


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Richardson said they kept in touch in the following weeks, exchanging flirtatious Facebook messages.
With the flirtatious filly and sassy goat on board, you bet they will.
Summary: LONDON: Beirut is the seventh "most flirtatious city" of the modern online world, a new study showed Monday.
The home of Socrates, Plato and Aristotle is the "most flirtatious city" of the modern world, a new study showed on Monday.
IT security and control firm has discovered an unusual spam campaign which tries to lure recipients to engage in a flirtatious MSN chat, before ultimately redirecting them to an adult website.
In the long eighteenth century, the image of the coquette was a staple in literature and society; she is the flirtatious woman, who offers what she does not intend to give.
Inspired by the elegance of the 1950s, Fiona Houghton recently launched Flirtatious lingerie boutique in Eldon Garden, Newcastle.
Here's a significant gender difference: Psychologists from McGill University found that women tend to strengthen their relationships with their partners after meeting attractive, flirtatious men, while men tend to look at their partners in a more negative light after meeting attractive, flirtatious women.
Men who appeared the most flirtatious were rated as more attractive even if they were antisocial, it found.
The 2007 addition to the Paris Hilton Fragrance Collection, Can Can is modern, flirtatious and intoxicating.
The protagonist, Phoebe, spirals into a jealous rage when she learns that she is about to lose her fiance, Henry, to Shandra, a flirtatious sorority sister.
She sent an open letter to La Repubblica complaining about his flirtatious remarks to other women.
That's the basic framework, but it hardly begins to describe what transpires--a series of 'secret assignments,' many of which are imaginative school pranks, some of which are flirtatious meetings, some of which are plots of vengeance.