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take into consideration, have in view

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41% of women will flirt with a man even if she is not interested in pursuing a relationship with him.
AS you say the best way to let a lad know that you like him without simply coming out and saying it is to flirt with him.
Only 10% of women would flirt with a male car salesman in order to get a better deal.
A survey of 12,000 adults showed that more than one in five would be prepared to flirt with a manager if they thought it would help their career, twice as many as in 2004.
At first everything was fine but now he's started to get jealous if I flirt with anyone and gets really moody.
Every time he comes over, he tries to sit by me or flirt with me.
The survey, which questioned over 2,000 men and women nationally on their telephone habits, showed that men are 11% more likely to have specifically phoned someone to flirt with them than women are.
But Feijoo's Kitri does not flirt with the town; she has eyes only for Basilo.
If you flirt with people at all levels in your workplace people will just think that's the kind ofperson you are and won't mind but, if you're just doing it with someone above you, you will probably come a cropper because other people will notice it too.
is a super colorful makeup and fragrance line that invites you to have fun with your beauty routine and flirt with the possibilities.
You have every right to swing your fist or flirt with whomever you like, as long as you are acutely aware of where your neighbour's nose and your lover's feelings begin," he added.
I'm a flirt, but it's very open - I'll flirt with everyone, it's not just a one-on-one thing.
It's probably because he has a new girl to flirt with.
One in ten British workers would flirt with the boss to gain a promotion, according to a survey.