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having limbs that are used as flippers

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Each propels itself downward by paddling its flipper-like wings back and forth.
The most renowned result was Phocomelia, the name give to the flipper-like limbs which appeared on the children of women who took Thalidomide.
It's appropriate, then, that the movie puts SpongeBob (voiced, as always, with Flipper-like brio by Tom Kenny) and his doofus best buddy, Patrick (Bill Fagerbakke, a master of comic timing) on the road (literally) to discovering that you don't need to be a man to succeed.
Fraser snares one of the foot-and-a-half tall adelies in a long-handled net, reaches in and extracts it by a flipper-like wing.
The bones belonged to a ancient species of whale known as Basilosaurus isis, a 16-meter-long giant with a thin body, a small "pinhead" and flipper-like forelimbs.
The four flipper-like fins that protrude from the coelacanth's bony torso are the stunted beginnings of legs.