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Synonyms for flipper

a shoe for swimming


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the flat broad limb of aquatic animals specialized for swimming

References in classic literature ?
It's horrible," said Kotick, backing water as a wave went over him, and steadying himself with a screw stroke of his flippers that brought him all standing within three inches of a jagged edge of rock.
He landed close to old Sea Vitch--the big, ugly, bloated, pimpled, fat-necked, long-tusked walrus of the North Pacific, who has no manners except when he is asleep--as he was then, with his hind flippers half in and half out of the surf.
Their heads were the most foolish-looking things you ever saw, and they balanced on the ends of their tails in deep water when they weren't grazing, bowing solemnly to each other and waving their front flippers as a fat man waves his arm.
The big things answered by bowing and waving their flippers like the Frog Footman.
Craig will walk from Hull to Liverpool by flipper on Sunday, May 6.
The House Flipper HQ project was an ideal brand for us to help develop.
8 with three trap lines tangled around her right back flipper.
The percentage of home flippers buying with cash and buying distressed homes is greater now than it was 10 years ago, RealtyTrac's VP Daren Blomquist tells GlobeSt.
The company also reported that the number of active home flippers in 2015 was the highest since 2007.
The basic problem is that instead of developing a wholesome bond between owner and the dwelling place, the flipper diverts the atmosphere of the place.
Five pinball machines were used including Big Buck Hunter, which features a deer that slides across the machine and challenges players to hit it with a silver ball flicked from a flipper.
One of the most popular names that Brits have given to remote is flipper.
Mike Meyer, from the SAWDN, said: "Its flipper was still attached to rock lobster traps on the seabed, which had the whale trapped.
In order to study them, he needed something more durable (and less pungent) than rotting slabs of flipper.
The carrier notifies Diligent coverage has been bound, and Diligent sends Flipper an insurance binder as proof of coverage until the policy issues.