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Synonyms for flipper

a shoe for swimming


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the flat broad limb of aquatic animals specialized for swimming

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The 48-year-old, has been the subject of many a Facebook post after being spotted in his shorts and flippers all over Manchester.
House Flipper HQ offers both investment and standard real estate services, including a 1% listing package and a investment assessment service.
That makes it fairly easy for flippers to raise money from friends and family.
Members of the Mad City Flippers come from a cross section of professions and include Todd McIlwee, 42, who manages the Waun-A-Bowl, a 16-lane bowling alley attached to a Pizza Hut in Waunakee.
The flipper, after all, was the equivalent of our arm, and the tubercles were like knuckles.
Made with 100% Pollock fillet, Young's Flipper Dippers are rich in Omega 3.
Designed to improve the ease of access to both sides of a window sash, the Window Sash Flipper conveys the window sash into the flipper station where it is rotated 180[degrees].
The Test wickets world record holder claims he now has the confidence to bowl his famed flipper - a skidding delivery with backspin - again.
John Beaumont from Penn State Erie and his company, Beaumont Technologies, have taken his already mightily clever Melt Flipper idea one step further.
In 1976 Ruby Flipper took over, only to be replaced later that year by Legs & Co, who remained until 1981 when the reign of long-legged beauties was brought to an end by the debut of a troupe of 20 interchangeable male and female dancers named Zoo.
IN an ominous sign for the West Indies, champion legspinner Shane Warne has brought back the flipper and the wrong 'un, making his repertoire even more deadly.
Flipper was spotted sitting on a rockery in a Llandudno garden more than 13 months after he vanished.
Why would Flipper wear a soft sponge on its rostrum?
It is usually done with the flipper never actually taking title or possession of the property.