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in a flippant manner


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To see derogatory terms for such hospitals and their patients used so flippantly in an effort to make money is offensive.
He flippantly claimed it was all being used as research for a film project about the Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Paul Goebbel
I'm not saying this flippantly but I'm not worried by who's in our group," said Wales boss Chris Coleman.
His disparaging views of any critic of such well-thought through recommendations for easing one's entry into a private hospital should not be disregarded flippantly.
Flippantly, I said some weeks I wanted to bring down the Government and other weeks I just wanted to tell a funny wee story about my mum.
India Today reported that Badal flippantly stated that such deaths occur all over India and that the Punjab health system should not be blamed.
Not a statement made flippantly as I am only too well aware of the fragility that overtakes us all.
In watching last night's news briefing, we were upset to note that you flippantly addressed the recently approved repeal of the military ban on bestiality," PETA said in their letter.
But Mr O'Leary laughed of the BBC's "investigation" and said: "Infamy, infamy - Panorama has it in for me", flippantly quoting Kenneth Williams who used the line in the famous Carry On Cleo film.
He was flippantly talking about his recent episodes in hospital and I think he was well, well over it," he said.
It is a dangerous situation when members of the public so flippantly support worker redundancies in any situation.
Or as Tang flippantly puts it: ``I just kill anyone in the path of my fortune.
Rarely has a hard-won sporting initiative been so flippantly discarded as England trudged off to the boos of their own Headingley crowd.
Mickens was charged with disorderly conduct last month when, after being hassled by some passengers who felt he was taking a long return route to New York, flippantly said: "We're going to the Taliban, don't worry about it.
While allowances are an inexact science, and purely a matter of opinion, there must surely be some evidence needed before altering so flippantly.