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Synonyms for flippancy

Synonyms for flippancy

inappropriate levity

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The balloon leapt at once, in the manner of balloons when part of their weight is released by touching down, with a sort of flippancy, and in another moment Bert was over a street crowded with peasants and soldiers, that opened into a busy market-square.
Rebecca's wit, cleverness, and flippancy made her speedily the vogue in London among a certain class.
replied Raffles, with what struck me then as mere flippancy.
It is this incorrigible flippancy of which I have to complain.
a government and politics professor at DePaul University whose credentials are intriguing but who unfortunately chose not to share his candidacy with us; and Max Rice, whose flippancy makes his candidacy hard to take seriously.
At the very least, however, Mr Trump and Mr Kim have introduced a flippancy and casualness in global nuclear discourse - a worrying change.
The gravity of the offence of reinstating a fugitive into a government which claims to be fighting corruption should have prevented any show of official flippancy.
He said: "Those comments, which I accept were out of character and said with flippancy, risk damaging the confidence of the wider community in the police profession as a whole.
When he belts out a song that harks back to the polosas of yore, Totoy doesn't just sing the lyrics but also speaks the truth, often sugarcoating it with his seeming flippancy and frivolity,' said Alex Castro, a museum curator and writer.
Many of the narrative voices share a flippancy that belies their vulnerability.
But he ignored my flippancy, explaining that modern houses with low ceilings were fine.
He said Wellings' flippancy could disguise genuine fear, describing the personal knock-on effects of the case on the young dad who helped his grandmother.
The last round of intra-Syrian talks in Geneva reached a deadlock on April 27 due to the "Riyadh opposition" delegation's flippancy and links to foreign agendas.
Book's narrative voice is casual to the point of occasional flippancy, and the personification does not always work, as in the section on book burnings.