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Synonyms for flippancy

Synonyms for flippancy

inappropriate levity

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The knight, however, was too much intent upon the matter in hand to give heed to the flippancy of his squire.
It shows how he yields to temptation and lives for the most part in reckless sin, but at last in spite of all his flippancy and folly is saved by Perseverance and Repentance, pardoned through God's mercy, and assured of salvation.
Rebecca's wit, cleverness, and flippancy made her speedily the vogue in London among a certain class.
replied Raffles, with what struck me then as mere flippancy.
I'll stop there because it all then gets a bit serious and my flippancy would seem ill-placed.
Their constant flippancy is aggravating and no help to anyone watching the game.
Flippancy and lazily drawn historical parallels aside, it makes for an interesting context to watch one of Shakespeare's most intriguing pieces.
With a touch of flippancy somewhat at odds with a personal investment ranging between PS70million and PS100million, he declared his preferred outcome "whichever comes first" and would "give it away" if neither is a goer.
Print headlines have since followed the lead set by prime time theatrics, not just in flippancy but also in staying power.
Her flippancy betrays a breathtaking disregard for the families of those who have lost loved ones in the service of their country.
He doesn't, though, ever confuse sadness with flippancy.
He doesn't like badly written and delivered evangelical singing, priests who confuse flippancy with relevance, and other types of far worse things including liturgical dancing.
Ed wasn't angry, he was frustrated by the flippancy of it," the Labour source said.
I would be very surprised if the parole board treated such barbarism against women of a different occupation with the same flippancy.
He stormed: "With respect First Minister, this is First Minister Question time, that level of flippancy has driven many of the problems that are identified in the report.