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a chart with several sheets hinged at the top

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Flipboard 18% Apple News 6% NYTimes 5% Circa 4% RSS App 2% Yahoo News 2% The Guardian 2% BBC News 2% BuzzFeed 2% Le Monde 1% The 10 Most-Dropped Apps in the Past Year What Are Your Most-Used News Apps?
A final word of warning--don't get too hung up on a particular app as app features are continually evolving; for example Zite, despite its immense popularity, has been acquired by Flipboard and will eventually become unavailable.
According to Flipboard, "By developing for mobile first .
Author Anderson, a consultant in educational technology, provides step-by-step instructions for using the digital curation tools Evernote, Diigo, and Pocket in the classroom; other tools covered include Twitter, Pinterest, EduClipper, Storify, ThingLink, and Flipboard.
On the heels of the second anniversary of Flipboard Magazines, the company announced a new service for users who want to collect and share articles, videos or photos with select groups of people--Flipboard Private Group Magazines.
Both are easy to use in terms of adding content and sharing it with others, and also work with another app, Flipboard, to pull in and share content.
A world of apps is available for Windows Phone, including favourites like WhatsApp, Viber, Instagram, Vimeo and Flipboard plus apps that sync across devices so people can pick up where they left off.
Facebook is presently testing the new log-in option with select developers, including Flipboard and the black button will not be visible in the apps for several months, the report adds.
Mimicking the "page turning" experience, Flipboard collects the latest news and information into a single presentation.
In a move that does not lack for irony, Flipboard says it is aiming to make the reading experience better by (get this
In other media mergers-and-acquisitions news, the Time Warner division CNN said on Wednesday it had sold the mobile news reader application Zite to another news-reader, Flipboard.
6 March 2014 - US news reader firm Flipboard said it had bought sector player Zite from CNN Inc, without disclosing the value of the transaction.
As a result, Flipboard has been able to grow its ad sales beyond the normal call-to-action ads we're accustomed to seeing, and nab high-quality (and high-paying) branding campaigns that are normally a tough sell on mobile, with clients like Charles Schwab, Verizon Wireless and Universal Pictures, among others.
The phone's another new feature is My Magazine, developed in partnership with Flipboard, an app that pulls content from news sources and social media accounts and presents it in an easy-to-read magazine format.
The duo recommended Podio and Asana for product management, Intuit's Weave to create simple to-do lists, Flipboard to customize Twitter offerings and especially Expensify.