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a chart with several sheets hinged at the top

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In conjunction with large shipments over the coming months, SMART and Westcoast plan an aggressive marketing rollout plan that aims to drive the replacement of the outdated whiteboard and flip chart.
Orders have flocked in from as far afield as New Zealand, Singapore and Ghana after an innovative flip chart earned some high profile backing.
I knew I wanted to start my own business then one day, when I was carrying yet another heavy flip chart to a meeting it suddenly dawned on me there must be a way of making it lighter," explains Neil, who orginally hails from Kingswinford in the Black Country.
Acting as a three- dimensional blank canvas for new ideas, it is equipped with whiteboards and flip charts and features modular block walling and movable partitions.
Flip charts, videos and assorted documents at hand, the duo are advising old pal, coach Branko Ivankovic, as Iran try to reach the last 16 for the first time in their third World Cup finals.
Companies are invited to come along armed with business cards and flip charts to do business with each other and develop local supply chains.
This electronic flip chart replaces one-dimensional tools, such as flip charts or videoconferencing, with an environment in which local and remote users can collaborate live by sharing, annotating, saving, recalling, displaying and distributing information, regardless of distance or time zone.
The second phase involves training the promotoras to use flip charts and other materials to convey relevant environmental health information (for example, safe drinking water and food safety practices).
Check all equipment such as projectors, coffee-makers, even felt-tip pens for flip charts.
I RECENTLY SAW TOM DASCHLE, complete with flip charts, bragging on C-SPAN how Senate Democrats had blocked only two of President Bush's judicial appointments.
Some of the equipment provided with the room include: television, VCR, screen for overhead projector and flip charts.
Choose from old faithfuls, such as flip charts, slides and overhead projectors, or state-of-the-art video and computer tools.
This approach allows the expert witness to use a broad range of presentation formats to accompany his or her testimony, from the structured "drill-down" approach of computer-supported Powerpoint presentations to the use of audiovisuals or simple flip charts.
The kit includes flip charts, a trainer's guide, and handouts for participants.
I felt like I was the female executive with flip charts in the FedEx commercials, only with better outfits.