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a chart with several sheets hinged at the top

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Business will receive a flip chart and learn how to promote themselves using a few bullet points.
When I was carrying yet another heavy flip chart to a meeting it dawned on me there must be a way of making it lighter," he said.
Orders have flocked in from as far afield as New Zealand, Singapore and Ghana after an innovative flip chart earned some high profile backing.
Mosby's Trigger Point Flip Chart with Referral Patterns and Stretching.
He can play in the way that has been planned on a flip chart in team meetings, but if it comes down to him to work out on the hoof what options to take, more often than not he will kick - and miss opportunities to attack.
At times just writing words or numbers on a flip chart will get you the desired effect.
Moran flips Flint - flip - - flip as the pounds Flip chart Alistair Darling - four flips Hazel Blears - three flips Margaret Moran - three flips Caroline Flint - one flip Gordon Brown - one flip Geoff Hoon - one flip
Health or care staff could use a flip chart in older people's homes," she added.
Teammate Lloyd Reed missed out on the medals in the flip chart pad paper aeroplane throw.
This electronic flip chart replaces one-dimensional tools, such as flip charts or videoconferencing, with an environment in which local and remote users can collaborate live by sharing, annotating, saving, recalling, displaying and distributing information, regardless of distance or time zone.
Each "Post It" note contained a single idea, which was then placed on a flip chart under the appropriate skill and knowledge category.
Use a flip chart for meeting documentation and date the pages.
You, the speaker, should be the focus of the presentation--not your slides, flip chart, or PowerPoint illustrations.