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pebbles of flint used in masonry construction

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USUAL Suspects star Stephen Baldwin is choosing to play it for laughs in his latest movie role - the star has signed on to play Barney Rubble in a new Flintstones movie.
Originally airing on CBS, The Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm Show was a 30-minute Saturday morning animated series that followed the high jinks of neighbors Pebbles Flintstone (voiced by actress Sally Struthers, All in the Family) and Bamm-Bamm Rubble (voiced by actor Jay North, Dennis the Menace) in their teenage years.
MacFarlane said the first cartoon he drew at the age of two was Fred Flintstone.
This, coupled with his strength in the tackle, which could be likened to the breaking of rock, persuaded the Kop to affectionately nickname him Barney Rubble after a character in The Flintstones, the animated TV cartoon.
David Chestnutt, chief executive of Flintstone, said: ' Thedeal with the Dutch grew out of an opportune meeting introduced by one of the companies' non-executive directors.
Lucky number holders were able to unlock the Bedrock safe and win prizes ranging from sweets to cave-man clubs and a Fred Flintstone outfit.
Powell had just finished a training session on Flintstone at the Equestrian Centre at Horsley Park when he was thrown by the horse, suffering a broken ankle.
But he's resisted watching Goodman's Flintstone film.
QDo you think there'll be a Mark Addy Fred Flintstone doll?
WHO: Wilma Flintstone, Wife of Fred and mother of Pebbles Jane Jetson, Wife of George and mother of Judy and Elroy Velma Dinkley, Mystery-solving teen Eva Scrivo, Celebrity Stylist of Hillary Clinton, Fran Drescher and Carmen Electra WHAT:
Even ``The Flintstones'' took a prehistoric punch at the lodge as loud-mouthed Fred Flintstone and sidekick Barney Rubble proclaimed ``ack, ack, a-dak'' to enter the Loyal Order of Dinosaurs.
FULL MONTY star Mark Addy thought it was a case of mistaken identity when he was offered the part of Fred Flintstone.
THE voice behind cartoon favourite Fred Flintstone has died, aged 85.
made since the flotation and believe that Flintstone can achieve exits from two
But now defiant Wim de Nijs, nicknamed Captain Flintstone, has won a legal battle to get back in business at Groningen, Holland.