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a river in western Georgia that flows generally south to join the Chattahoochee River at the Florida border where they form the Apalachicola River

a city in southeast central Michigan near Detroit

showing unfeeling resistance to tender feelings

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A fire was made under an immense cotton-wood tree, that overshadowed a beautiful piece of meadow land; rich morsels of buffalo hump were soon roasting before it; in a hearty and prolonged repast, the two unsuccessful hunters gradually recovered from their mortification; threatened to discard their old flint guns as soon as they should reach the settlements, and boasted more than ever of the wonderful shots they had made, when they had guns that never missed fire.
By this time the old hunter was ready for his business, and throwing his right leg far behind him, and stretching his left arm along the barrel of his piece, he raised it toward the bird, Every eye glanced rapidly from the marks man to the mark; but at the moment when each ear was expecting the report of the rifle, they were disappointed by the ticking sound of the flint.
There hasn’t been such a thing as a good flint sold at the foot of the lake since the Indian traders used to come into the country; and, if a body should go into the flats along the streams in the hills to hunt for such a thing, it’s ten to one but they will be all covered up with the plough.
The 17-member committee is making recommendations regarding the health and welfare of people exposed to lead, studying Flints water infrastructure and determining potential upgrades, reviewing Flint Water Task Force recommendations, and establishing ways to improve communication between local and state government.
Porto joined Flint Group's Latin America Division right niter Flints acquisition of Rendic International in 1994.
Evidently, that's the reason for the lack of signage on the building housing the new Flints restaurant on Pico Boulevard in Santa Monica.
RIOT, a resolution-independent image management toolbox, can import scanned film images, perform "batched" processing, and then distribute the elements to multiple FLINTs through WIRE for processing.
Forgiving Flints past debt will better protect public health and reduce the costs associated with maintaining the citys water system over time," said EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt.
Rucker Wickline, president of CDR Pigments & Dispersions, who was chosen by the Flints to run the fledgling pigment company.
This relationship will help us to integrate the INFERNOs and FLINTs into the fabric of the studio, networking them and leveraging their capabilities to fuel workflow throughout the studio rather than limiting the systems in isolated and dedicated suites.
The registry will be part of the Pediatric Public Health Initiative, formed jointly by MSU and Hurley Childrens Hospital, to comprehensively address Flints lead exposure.
The letter asks Congress to move quickly to help solve the environmental and public health disaster that followed and to help minimize the impact of lead and other health threats to Flints citizens.
Flint is located along the Flint River, approximately 60 miles northwest of Detroit.
Within 24 hours of Flint Town United's song 'The Yard' being released it received more than 40,000 views.
Delyn AM Sandy Mewies met health minister Dr Brian Gibbons for talks on the future of Flint Community Hospital.