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Synonyms for flintlock

a muzzle loader that had a flintlock type of gunlock


an obsolete gunlock that has flint embedded in the hammer

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Model 1816 flintlock musket that has been converted to percussion using the bolster-style alteration whereby the rear of the original barrel was cut off near the breech and a new breech section incorporating the percussion drum was attached.
Murphy did indeed own a double flintlock rifle and was known for his exceptional marksmanship.
Dave Sharkeye fires his 1700s Flintlock gun as youngsters get in the Pirate spirit
Recent reads include Promise of Blood by Brian McClellan - a truly great trope-twisting, flintlock fantasy, with added Zenda.
In addition to MADGI and Concrete, the project team included construction manager Flintlock Construction Services, structural engineer DeSimone Consulting Engineers, and facade consultant Gilsanz Murray Steficek.
That research has been followed by studies of relics dating back to the Bronze Age as well as major investigations into weapons such as a flintlock weapon, an 1853 En-field musket, Zulu arms including a lklwa and a knobkerry, and a host of knives and swords.
The incident occurred after a group of travellers from the Bradford area - many of whom were bare-knuckle fighters - called into the Flintlock in West Cornforth, near Durham, on Monday evening.
The brass pistol, an early 18th century Continental Flintlock holster pistol with a 13-bore barrel made by Dutch gunmaker Godefroi Corbau Le Jeune, had a pre-sale estimate of A$100,000 to A$200,000.
The silver mounted DB flintlock tap-action weapon with attached 69.
A new engine makes moving and climbing smoother, though combat's still a little jerky, and the addition of flintlock muskets and pistols - and three-masted sailing ships - gives this game the feeling of Red Dead Redemption crossed with Last of the Mohicans and Master and Commander.
During the time of the creating of the Constitution, all people, civilians, militia, and standing armies, had equal access to small arms, single-shot flintlock firearms, and edged weapons.
Astutely he acknowledges the Seminole owned Spanish trade rifles superior to the flintlock muskets employed by the U.
American Military Shoulder Arms, Volume III: Flintlock Alterations and Muzzleloading Percussion Shoulder Arms, 1840-1865.
The most highly-valued set, scheduled to be the final lot at the auction, is a pair of 18-bore silvermounted flintlock holster pistols with silver barrels and lock-plates.
The hotel, owned by Eros Management & Realty, LLC and developed by Flintlock Construction Services, LLC, is managed by Wyndham Hotels Management, Inc.