flint glass

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optical glass of high dispersion and high refractive index

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Approximately 310 people are employed at the plant, which manufactures flint glass bottles for the beverage industry.
Structurally, they carry the glazing: the outer layer of flint glass which is point fixed to its mullions and the double inner layer of heat insulating units.
and American Flint Glass Workers Union to discuss ``family-friendly'' workplaces that provide elder and child care and health and pension benefits.
Before taking office 17 years ago, the Republican mayor was president of the local American Flint Glass Workers union at Overmeyer Mold Corp.
The three unions that signed the contracts-the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, the International Union of Electronics Workers, and the American Flint Glass Workers-conducted joint bargaining coordinated by the Industrial Union Department of the AF|-CIO.
Melting of green glass is more difficult as compared to flint glass because of its associated heat absorption and radiation problems.
Havana Beverages are also available in 12-ounce, clear flint glass bottles which feature hand-drawn labels to reflect the company's Cuban heritage.
Since 1978, the company has established a strong reputation for offering high quality colored glass such as amber, cobalt blue, and green in addition to their flint glass products.
Mr Thirlaway said what was known as the Wear Flint Glass Works, was then bought out by a man called Henry Greener, then James A Jobling, and more recently Newell and Corning (pictured left), before Arc took over Newells last year.
Funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund has helped make the records of Henry G Richardson & Sons Ltd, which was based at Wordsley Flint Glass Works, accessible at the archives in Coseley.
Newcomers to the line-up will include a clear flint glass bottle for all premium-packaged still waters and a new 500ml sparkling PET six-pack.
The fragrance features a flint glass bottle encased in a metal shell and is available in 1.
Coming Glass Works and the Flint Glass Workers negotiated a 3-year contract, covering about 3,200 production and maintenance employees at nine plants in the Corning, NY, area.
The products are packaged in 12 ounce clear flint glass bottles and showcase original hand-drawn labels to reflect the company's Cuban heritage.
Corning seems more committed to implementing its blame-the-worker 'safety program' and denying it has a civil rights problem than it is to reaching a fair contract at its Danville facility," said USW Flint Glass Council Chair Tim Tuttle.